4 top tips for a beachfront wedding

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4 top tips for a beachfront wedding

A beachfront wedding can be an exceedingly exciting and romantic experience; there is something undeniably magical about exchanging your vows in the serenity of a sunset on the beach, and this is a chance to really show your beloved how much you love them.


The nature of nature does, however, mean you need to be prepared for unpredictability. So, we have put together some top tips to help you make sure your beachfront wedding goes without a hitch (other than the moment you get hitched). 


Just one important thing… 


Before we go any further, we should clarify one thing if you started reading this blog post with the specific intention of getting married in Gibraltar with a beach backdrop: it is not permitted to get married directly on the beach in Gibraltar. As we explained in a previous blog post, this is due to the beaches being protected here as a nature reserve. 


However, you still incorporate beach themes into your Gibraltar wedding, and visit the beaches here after the ceremony itself. So, even if you intend to tie the knot in Gibraltar rather than elsewhere, some or all of the below tips might still be relevant to you. 

  • Choose your venue wisely


When selecting a venue for your nuptials, you should take the time to consider the size of your party and the type of atmosphere you are hoping to create. 


Will you be hosting an intimate gathering or a grand affair? Do you want something traditional or something more modern? Will you need to use a tent or another shelter in case of rain? Every venue is different, so make sure you choose the one that best meets your needs.

  • Have the right equipment


Make sure you have all the necessary equipment ready to go – this may include chairs and tables, as well as audio equipment and lighting. You may also want to consider hiring a generator for your power needs, as well as umbrellas and tents in case of inclement weather.


For the ultimate ease, opt for the services of a professional wedding planner. They will take care of so many of the knotty aspects of getting married in Gibraltar (or elsewhere) that could overwhelm you and your sweetheart if you try to take on every responsibility yourselves.  

  • Choose the right attire


Beach weddings are typically very informal, so you might not need to worry about buying the most expensive gowns or tuxedos for your wedding party. However, it is important that everyone is dressed appropriately for the occasion. Consider having your bridesmaids wear beach-appropriate dresses and have your groomsmen wear shorts and sandals.

  • Make sure you have a backup plan


No matter how much you plan, there is always the chance that Mother Nature will not cooperate on the day of your wedding. So, be prepared for any eventuality by having a backup plan in place. This could be anything from renting a nearby venue to having a tent set up in case of rain.


Final thoughts


By following these tips, you can ensure your beachfront wedding takes place in a way that leaves you with only the warmest memories – the ones you will want to have. 


With our wide range of wedding packages here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we can help you put together your dream nuptials in the British Overseas Territory. Simply call or email us today to find out more about how getting married in Gibraltar can be so much easier and less stressful with our help.