Are there any people you definitely don’t need to invite to your Gibraltar wedding?

Are there any people you definitely don’t need to invite to your Gibraltar wedding?

It might seem – at least at first – a simple enough task to put together a guest list for a wedding, whether in Gibraltar or elsewhere. But of course, as almost anyone who has ever attempted it knows, the process can be a minefield of trying to figure out who you simply must include among your invitees, and who you can safely refrain from inviting. 

So, are there any particular people who you really don’t need to invite to your nuptials in Gibraltar? There are a few categories that come to our minds, like the below. 

People who you’ve long fallen out of contact with 

We’ve probably all known people down the years who we were friends with – perhaps even really close to – at a particular point in time, only to have found ourselves drifting out of contact with them. Perhaps they even invited you to their wedding – but does that mean you should still return the favour, even if you’ve barely heard from them for a while? 

Of course, there’s no exact science to this. But a lot of people in this situation employ a ‘one-year rule’, whereby they don’t consider someone to be worthy of a wedding invite if they haven’t been in any kind of contact with them for a year or more. 

If you’re unsure in the case of a particular person, it could be worth reaching out and asking them whether they fancy casually meeting up over coffee. If they’re unresponsive or evasive over this request, they probably aren’t going to be greatly offended if you leave them off your wedding guestlist. 

Your colleagues 

Sure, you might get on well with your colleagues, and even enjoy group lunches with them from time to time. But co-workers who you don’t really spend time with outside the workplace don’t really need to be invited to your wedding, and it’s unlikely that many such colleagues would care. 

In any case, if your colleagues do wish to celebrate your wedding in some way, there’s always the option of a separate work ‘sten do’ that will also be suitably relaxed for everyone. 

People who you’ve merely been ‘guilt-tripped’ into inviting 

If there are certain people who didn’t even register in your mind as people you would like to invite to your wedding until a relative, friend or other member of your wedding party suggested them as someone you ‘should’ invite, this can often be a sign of someone you really shouldn’t invite.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with going along with someone else’s suggestion for a person to invite, if you agree with their suggestion. But if you don’t agree, it is important to go with your gut on an issue like this, and to stand your ground. It is you and your beloved’s wedding, after all – not your mum’s or your best friend’s. 

There’s a lot about planning Gibraltar weddings that can be stressful, so whatever you can do to lessen that stress is likely to be a good thing. Why not get in touch with our own experts here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings about how we can assist in making your nuptials memorable for only the very best reasons?