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Animal-loving couples really will ‘go ape’ for Gibraltar

First things first; we have a slight confession to make here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings. You’re probably thinking that we used the phrase ‘go ape’ in the title of this blog post, in reference to surely Gibraltar’s most famous residents of all: the Barbary macaques.

Well, we’ve got some perhaps shocking news to share with you here – they aren’t apes at all, but are actually monkeys!

Still, we felt it was worth making the point with the help of our punning title, to demonstrate that tailor-made weddings in Gibraltar aren’t just about all of the romance between you and your beloved. That’s because you’ll also learn a fair bit about the remarkable variety of wildlife that calls the British Overseas Territory home!

But Gibraltar’s not just about those cheeky monkeys…

…although we’ll admit that they’re sort-of a big deal. After all, they’re literally the only wild apes or monkeys to be found anywhere in Europe, so one can probably understand them being a bit big-headed. Plus, they’re even movie stars, having appeared in the 1987 James Bond film, The Living Daylights, starring Timothy Dalton as 007.

Oh, and they’ve been around for a good long time, perhaps even longer than the British, if evidence from recent genetic studies and historical documents is to be believed.

Unsurprisingly, then, they remain a big draw for visitors to Gibraltar today, and it would be practically rude not to drop in with your sweetheart to see them for yourself! Hundreds of them are residents of the Upper Rock area of the Gibraltar Nature Reserve.

You’ll definitely feel close to nature when you get married here

Gibraltar Nature Reserve’s probably an important thing to mention, given that its covers more than 40% of the entire land area of Gibraltar, and is a brilliant showcase for the territory’s natural diversity. It is a key resting point for migrating birds, for instance, although you’ll also find all manner of other fauna here – mammals, reptiles, birds, invertebrates, the lot!

From the red fox, mouse-eared bat and European rabbit, right through to Barbary partridges, lesser kestrels and praying mantises, there are just so many species that are routinely spotted in this part of Gibraltar, and that are practically guaranteed to leave your mouth agape in wonder.

Indeed, with so many natural attractions to stimulate the senses in this territory that – let’s not forget – only measures fewer than three square miles, it should be no surprise that so many couples fall in love with wedding packages that bring them closer to Gibraltar’s animal and plant life. Our own al-fresco Botanical Gardens Package is a great example!

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