An overseas destination wedding is a more realistic prospect than you might think!

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An overseas destination wedding is a more realistic prospect than you might think!

During the recent uncertain times, the economic and other fallouts from the COVID-19 crisis have left many of us rethinking previously ambitious plans. So, it’s understandable if you may have questioned whether a long-held dream of getting married abroad is still possible. 


Of course, here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we don’t know your exact practical and other circumstances. However, we do know that weddings in Gibraltar are a more attainable prospect than many couples may realise. 


Here are just some reasons, then, why you shouldn’t necessarily dismiss your chances of making a wedding abroad happen for you and your beloved, just because of the pandemic.


Gibraltar is a great-value wedding location 


Now, you’re probably thinking that there’s almost certainly no such thing as a “cheap” overseas wedding destination. And much depends, of course, on what you’d regard as cheap. But it’s really difficult to beat weddings in Gibraltar when it comes to affordability. 


At the time of typing, it’s possible to get married in the British Overseas Territory for hundreds of pounds, rather than the thousands of pounds that other foreign wedding locations and even UK mainland nuptials are notorious for costing. 


Naturally, if you do choose us, the exact amount you pay for your Gibraltar wedding will depend on the exact aspirations you have for your big day, and the wedding package you choose. Nonetheless, when it comes to value for money, weddings in Gibraltar will always be an excellent option. 


The territory is also a low-stress, low-maintenance place to get married 


Let’s be honest with ourselves here: yes, your wedding day will be one of the most special days of your life, and you’ll want only the very best for it. However, the process of getting married anywhere – never mind overseas – can also be a major hassle and source of stress. 


This brings us neatly onto one of the other things making weddings in Gibraltar so appealing – the fact that they aren’t exactly massively stressful to organise compared to a lot of other weddings abroad. There are no residency requirements, for example, and you can even get married here relatively spontaneously, within 48 hours under a special licence. 


Don’t forget, too, that having been in British hands since the early 18th century, Gibraltar is a true “home from home” for Britons. It only takes two hours and 50 minutes to fly from Heathrow Airport in the UK to Gibraltar, and when you get here, you’ll be greeted by English-speaking people and see familiar British high-street shops. The British pound is accepted in Gibraltar, too. 


It’s all just so… convenient, or as convenient as such a monumental undertaking as an overseas wedding ever really gets, anyway! It’s important not to be complacent – planning and holding a wedding in Gibraltar is still a mammoth task, with plenty of scope for things to go wrong. Still, that’s exactly why you should approach capable and seasoned Gibraltar wedding planners, such as those in the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team. 

Are you ready to discover just how possible unspeakably romantic nuptials in the British Overseas Territory could be for you and your sweetheart? If so, get in touch with our planners for a more in-depth conversation – we’d be delighted to hear from you, and to advise you on the next steps of making that overseas wedding magic happen!