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Amazing Wedding Packages To Make Your Wedding Day Unforgettable

Some couples dream of a huge, elegant, beautiful and glamorous wedding day to remember and some couples dream of a small intimate wedding.  Whatever the dream, Gibraltar is a popular and impressive wedding destination that guarantees superior luxury, good banquet and scenic views that not only make the wedding memorable but also very romantic.

Wedding packages

Most wedding packages include services such as the marriage registration, searching and booking event venues, finding decorations, caterers, a photographer, tents and chairs and honeymoon tours. Wedding packages cover the whole wedding right from start to completion while others just cover a part of the marriage ceremony such transport, legalities, catering or decorations. Packages are designed to give couples the best offer among the wide range of services.

Benefits of wedding packages

Sweet Gibraltar Weddings packages contain a set of services offered at a cost effective price and reduce the hassle of searching and selecting each service.  The newly weds to be just need to select the package that offers the best services they need.

Organizing a wedding involves a lot of activities such as bridal makeup, choosing the right gown and hairstyling, selecting the best caterers, organizing entertainment and a venue, transport and accommodation among others. All these are time consuming and can be avoided by choosing an all-inclusive package. In addition they are conversant with many wedding sites around Gibraltar and this reduces the difficulties of searching for one.

Wedding packages assist couples in budgeting and getting good deals.  Instead of looking for different suppliers in Gibraltar, it is easier to budget for the whole package. Sweet Gibraltar Wedding planners have well established connections with marriage registration officials, transport providers, photographers,  hotels, restaurants and other suppliers and are able to negotiate good prices on behalf of their clients.

Europe Wedding Packages

When looking forward to a splendid wedding in Europe, Gibraltar is the best option. The town offers a wide collection of wedding sites, culture, sumptuous hotels, historical sites and scenic beaches. Couples have a choice of wedding packages such as the Caleta hotel package that features a beachside lavish 4 star hotel and lovely secluded beaches that offer a super intimate romantic time together.

With Spain being one of the popular romantic wedding destinations, there are a number of Spain wedding packages in modish hotels and lavish villas that are second to none. The Rock of Gibraltar blends culture, unique experience, modernity and luxury into the wedding making it the most memorable event of your life. Packages featuring hotels such as Mons Calpe Suite located on the Gibraltar rock not only offer couples comfort and luxury but also provide scenic views of Gibraltar bay, the Mediterranean sea, the airport and Spain.

Botanical wedding packages

These are special unique weddings set in the natural and exotic flora and fauna of Gibraltar. They are set in the best, natural, serene and beautifully landscaped environment that Gibraltar has to offer; adding a little touch of exoticness for your guests. Locations such as “Bridge of Sighs” or “Ponte dei Sospiri” in Gibraltar are very popular spots for botanic weddings.

Customized wedding packages

Most couples visiting Europe and Spain have unique tastes and preferences which should obviously be included as part of their wedding ceremony. A wide variety of professional services are provided to make you day more superb. These include private transport from airport, bridal makeup, bridal bouquet, wedding cake, tours, massage, videographer and photographer.