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Adding Spanish elements to your Gibraltar wedding

Bordered by Spain to the north, when weddings take place in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar, they sometimes have a Spanish flavour. Couples looking for a unique style to their nuptials on the Iberian Peninsula often find that authentic local wedding traditions can create an added sense of romance. Read on for some Spanish wedding traditions you can select from.

Wedding dress with a difference

Elaborate veils are the order of the day for Spanish weddings. Hand embroidered, these beautiful headdresses are worn directly on the bride’s hair or atop a high comb and match lace detailed wedding gowns. Brides looking for a chic and stylish look can even opt for an all-black veil and dress as per Spanish tradition. Traditionally black signified the devotion of a bride to her groom.

The wedding party

Spanish weddings are often modest affairs that focus on the happy couple and their family instead of hundreds of guests. Those attending will typically throw rice or rose petals, instead of the confetti commonly used in Britain. The grains and petals are a longstanding symbol of prosperity and fertility for the bride and groom.

Unlike western weddings, there are no groomsmen or bridesmaids, but a smaller party can be less stressful, more intimate and reduce costs.

Wedding flowers

A symbol of purity, in Spanish tradition the orange blossom is believed to give fulfillment and happiness to the happy couple. A bride may give a floral corsage to her unmarried friends who then wear them face down to show they are available. In Spain, a bouquet is not thrown. Instead, an arrangement is gifted to a close friend with wishes of luck in love.

Your themed wedding made simple

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