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A few things that every groom should do in readiness for his Gibraltar wedding

The days when it was acceptable for every aspect of planning a wedding in Gibraltar – or indeed, anywhere else – to be left to the bride are long gone. After all, your special day is your special day precisely because it’s special for both of you.

So, what are some of the best ways for the groom to get just as involved in the wedding planning as his wife-to-be? Well, here are some of our favourite suggestions…

Get a haircut

Fair enough, so we admit that this tip might feed into the stereotypes about grooms not needing to do very much to prepare for their wedding – but we promise it’s not frivolous advice!

After all, whatever haircut the groom has on the day is the one that will be appearing in his wedding photos the two of you look back on for years to come.

So at the very least, get him to have his hair cut about two weeks before the big day – just in case the trim ends up being too close and therefore needs some time to grow out.

Track down missing RSVPs

Should a groom really expect his sweetheart to be the one tracking down the missing RSVPs from his side of the family? Of course not – and while he’s at it, he might also want to get those guests’ dinner orders.

Deal with any issues with his family  

Again, if any family drama is mostly coming from his side rather than hers, it should be his responsibility to have that one-to-one chat with whoever is being problematic.

He shouldn’t leave his bride having to deal with the silly demands or petty arguing of his stroppy sisters or unreasonable mother all by herself.

Fine-tune his wedding-day look

It’s not just a case of the groom picking out whatever suit he likes – not when it’s also crucial to ensure whatever look he goes for is a great fit for the general ‘style’ of wedding he and his beloved are having.

Planning a wedding in Gibraltar can certainly have implications for the sartorial style that couples choose.

This British Overseas Territory is a popular beach wedding destination, so you might want to consider a lighter grey or tan suit, instead of a more formal and traditional look – although of course, here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we’ll always leave the ultimate choice to you two.

Thankfully, you can relieve a lot of the stress associated with planning a wedding in Gibraltar when you join forces with our own highly capable and seasoned wedding planners! Take your pick from our various renowned wedding packages now, or simply contact us directly for further information.