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No need for a siesta! Three reasons your energy levels will be high when getting married in Gibraltar The Spanish islands typically partake in a siesta during the day. This is a short nap in the afternoon where shops and sometimes restaurants close until it’s over and workers are back to feeling refreshed. You’re right to ask: will you need to pop off for a snooze during your wedding? Of course you won’t want to miss a single minute of your special day – so it’s fortunate that designated siestas aren’t really common in Gibraltar. You may now wonder: won’t I get tired during my wedding day though? Let’s look at three reasons why this isn’t likely to happen when you get married in Gibraltar.


The fact that you’re holding your wedding abroad gives you the perfect excuse to just fill the guest list with the friends and family who you actually want to spend your special day with. This pretty much eliminates the chance of getting stuck wasting energy on tiring small talk with a work colleague or distant relative. Why? Well, quite frankly you can get away with not inviting such people and instead keep the affair intimate.


Everyone gets excited on their wedding day, but you more so than others should find yourself especially elated when you’re getting hitched in Gibraltar. After all, the sights and sounds will be more on par with a luxury holiday – meaning everything from the beaches to the Rock of Gibraltar should give you an added buzz as you walk down the aisle.


A big risk of getting married abroad is that you’ll struggle to adjust to a new time-zone. Thankfully this won’t be an issue in Gibraltar, which is only one hour ahead of the UK. You’ll simply fall into a healthy sleeping pattern without any risk of jet lag and won’t have to worry about feeling shattered ahead of the most wonderful day of your life.

What could be better?

The fact that you’ll feel alert and full of energy is just another great reason to get married in Gibraltar. Whereas a lot of brides and grooms can feel fatigued ahead of saying ‘I do’ in the UK, you’ll feel on top of the world for your wedding. To make your dream a reality, get in touch with Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.