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Wedding trends are ever evolving and the popular styles and aesthetics seem to get better every year. 2019 is set to bring with it some fresh wedding trends sure to make your big day even more magical and memorable.

1. Understated dresses

Both 2018 royal weddings have had a major impact on the wedding world and these regal influences are predicted to trickle down into everyone’s ceremony in the new year. Simple dresses with delicate detailing are said the be the go-to dress style of the year, where practicality is valued over bulky frills and difficult to dance in skirts. Garlands and headbands are out, while classy tiaras are back in; preferably with a diamond finish.

2. Environmental considerations

With a worldwide crackdown on plastic waste currently underway, it’s unsurprising that this environmental consideration is being applied to our wedding days. A surprising amount of waste is produced in 24 hours and is often an unfortunate side effect of the romantic day; here are some tips on how you can make your Gibraltar wedding more eco-friendly.

3. Sunny ceremonies

Outdoor weddings are predicted to be popular in spring/summer of 2019; this is a difficult ceremony to plan if your home country is subject to changeable weather. With a Gibraltar wedding, sunny Spanish skies are guaranteed to make your wedding photos the highlight of your photo album. With luxurious surroundings and beautiful areas of natural beauty, Gibraltar is the perfect romantic setting in which to try this outdoor wedding trend.

4. A pop of colour

Earthy colours have been the signature theme of weddings for years, but this is set to change in 2019. Bursts of colour are expected to take mood boards and wedding planning portfolios by storm and be integrated into the ceremony in a subtle way; through invitations, candles and flower choices.

5. Rustic furnishings

When it comes to 2019 wedding decor, the devil is in the finer details. Gold cutlery and intricate table centrepieces are great ways to inject some personality into your understated wedding furnishings in order to prevent the venue from looking too cluttered or tacky.

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