5 wedding invitation trends to inspire you in 2022

5 wedding invitation trends to inspire you in 2022

Given that the invites you send out will represent the first official communication of the details of your wedding, it’s fair to say you’ll probably be anxious to get them right. But that doesn’t mean invitations for Gibraltar weddings can’t be a lot of fun to create, too.

For one thing, there are always a lot of interesting trends circulating when it comes to wedding invites, and you can bet that 2022 has already had plenty of them. 

So, with no further ado, let’s look at just some of those trends you might look to incorporate into your own invites. 

The use of striking and romantic imagery 

One major trend we’ve seen in recent times is the use of highly visual save-the-dates, with the kind of high-quality photography that looks like it could have been in a celebrity magazine or holiday brochure. 

An engagement photo is an obvious example of what you could include on your invites, although some couples have also arranged for equally striking illustrated engagement portraits to be created. 

Acrylic wedding invites 

Imagine your wedding invites not even being printed on paper? Yep, this has been another big trend lately, among couples who look the modern and minimalistic look that acrylic gives off. 

Gold foil 

While the use of gold foil on important communications such as wedding invites isn’t new, there does seem to have been a resurgence in its use in particularly imaginative ways recently. 

Gold foil detailing can be great for adding a sense of occasion, elegance, and prestige to your invites, and you can use it both adventurously and subtly. And it seems that other metallics are also beginning to be used more often in a similar way – think the likes of copper, bronze, and rose gold. 

Health and safety insert cards 

No, the coronavirus crisis isn’t “over”, and we all still need to be following sensible health precautions. And your wedding invites can represent the perfect opportunity to communicate crucial information on this, such as whether proof of vaccination or the wearing of face coverings will be required in order to be granted entry. 

Not only could such cards help reassure guests that you continue to take their wellbeing seriously, but you could also provide a link to your wedding website on the card for access to more detailed health and safety information. 

More inclusive language 

Something being a wedding tradition doesn’t automatically make it something worthy of retention. That’s a philosophy many couples have increasingly applied to the traditional wedding invitation etiquette that asserts a married couple ought to be addressed by the same surname, and with the titles “Mr” and “Mrs”. 

In today’s world, of course, many married people choose to keep their own last name, and some people use the gender-neutral “Mx” title. 

You might therefore strive to ensure you’re always addressing your guests on your invites in the most inclusive possible way, by asking them to supply their last names and titles when you collect their addresses. 

Not all the above ‘trends’ actually are mere ‘trends’, of course – some, such as the use of ever-more inclusive language, are going to be part of the ‘landscape’ of wedding invitations in the longer run, too. 

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