5 ways to make your Christmas destination wedding one to remember

5 ways to make your Christmas destination wedding one to remember

It’s not difficult for our team here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings to understand why we receive so many enquiries about festive-season weddings in Gibraltar

Christmas nuptials in the British Overseas Territory’s stunning natural and historic surroundings and Mediterranean climate arguably offer the best of everything in a seasonal destination wedding, including both convenience and charm. 

So, how can you make your own Yuletide destination wedding – whether in Gibraltar or elsewhere – even more magical? These tips are worthy of consideration. 

Make your wedding a white one – even in the sun 

First of all, some simultaneously good and bad news – snow and frost are extremely rare in Gibraltar, and even rain doesn’t happen here very often, not even in December.  

Having said all of that, if you wanted real snow at your Christmas destination nuptials, why would you choose the Mediterranean anyway? Regardless, you’ve always got the option of using artificial snow to create a photogenic and ‘Christmassy’ vibe in your wedding photos. 

Decorate the venue in a festive fashion 

Such is the popularity of Christmas weddings in Gibraltar and other in-demand locations, that your chosen venue may already sport suitably festive decorations long before your big day. 

But if that isn’t set to be the case, you might have the opportunity to allow your imagination to run wild. Just think of all of the holly, ivy and mistletoe that you could be adorning the venue with… 

Have everyone singing Christmas carols at the service 

OK, so this one might be a slightly more acquired taste! Not everyone wants a December wedding they organise or attend to be quite as stereotypically Christmassy as them literally singing carols during the service.

But if you wish to go with a full-on festive theme for your winter nuptials, there will be few sights quite as magical as seeing your closest friends and relatives giving “Silent Night” or “O Holy Night” a go. And even if they aren’t all great singers, they’re sure to be giggling at their attempts.


Play everyone’s favourite Christmas movies 

There will almost certainly be guests at your wedding who want to escape or have a breather from some of the most intense partying, which is why you may organise a chill-out room for them. 

And what might you have in that chill-out room? Well, a TV showing classic festive films such as The Muppet Christmas Carol and How the Grinch Stole Christmas could be a great addition, especially for keeping kids entertained and allowing their parents to have a rest from the stress and celebrations! 

Avoid any Christmas theme at all 

Granted, we realise this may seem an odd suggestion. But it’s worth us emphasising that the chance to give every aspect of your wedding a Christmassy vibe is far from the only great reason to schedule your nuptials in Gibraltar for December. 

You might well come to the conclusion that your guests will already be sufficiently ‘Christmassed out’ – in which case, you shouldn’t necessarily feel the need to ask the DJ to play “All I Want for Christmas Is You” or “Last Christmas”, just because everyone else seems to do so. It’s your wedding, so don’t be afraid to make it your own. 

When organised well from day one, with all of your nearest and dearest able to be present, your Christmas wedding in this pleasant part of the world could be the very height of enchantment. Contact our experts in weddings in Gibraltar at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings now, and we’ll soon get to work on helping to make your special day the one you’ve always hoped for.