5 ways to help lower your stress levels when you’re planning a wedding

5 ways to help lower your stress levels when you’re planning a wedding

You will, of course, be looking forward to your nuptials for all the best reasons, especially if you are set to tie the knot in Gibraltar. But the wedding planning process can also be a very stressful one – after all, you will be making some pretty big and often expensive decisions, shaping what might well be the most important day of your life. No pressure, as they say… 


Stress, then, can be a real hazard for those plotting Gibraltar weddings. Let’s take a look at some of the proven ways to help lessen that stress from the start to finish of your planning. 


Give yourself ‘mental breaks’ 


Taking a break isn’t just for those times when you might be feeling physically exhausted. Certain wedding planning tasks might be stressing you out or overwhelming you, so if you feel the need to take some ‘time out’ – perhaps to go for a walk or for something to eat – that’s absolutely fine. 


It could also help you put a different perspective on whatever specific thing is causing you stress. 


Keep yourself well-hydrated 


Did you know that dehydration causes the body to release stress hormones, because it presumes this is a sign of a drought? This is a good enough reason in itself to ensure you keep on drinking plenty of water throughout your wedding planning, which – let’s be honest – can be thirsty work. 


Being dehydrated could also cause you ‘brain fog’, thereby hampering your decision-making – not exactly the kind of thing anyone wants when they’re organising a crucial event like a wedding. 


Alternate between ‘fun’ and more mundane wedding planning tasks 


Who doesn’t love the ‘glamorous’ or ‘fun’ bits of wedding planning, such as tasting the wedding cake or sampling the wine that will be served at the reception?


Alas, a lot of couples end up being drawn to those ‘fun’ tasks first, leaving the more boring or even outright frustrating aspects of organising a wedding until later. That’s not exactly great for keeping motivation levels up – and stress levels low – during the later stages of wedding planning. 


So, it’s a good idea to instead be deliberate about doing both ‘fun’ and more mundane tasks alongside each other. You need to reserve a little something to look forward to later, at least if you want to avoid feeling completely overwhelmed as the ‘big day’ nears. 


Continue enjoying dates with your sweetheart 


The process of organising a wedding, it’s fair to say, can be all-consuming. It is precisely because of this, though, that you should still make a point of arranging some time just for the two of you.


It doesn’t necessarily need to be an expensive date night – something like a walk together or a cheap pub meal might be more than enough. The key thing is to take yourselves out of ‘wedding planning mode’ for at least a little while, before you get back on with the hard work. 


Make sure you get ample sleep 


It’s perfectly understandable that all the excitement and stress associated with planning a wedding might leave you feeling like you can’t ‘switch off’. But sleep really is vital for helping to keep stress levels down; it slows the heart rate and blood pressure, and allows your body to rest and repair itself, in readiness for a new day. 


So, you should be taking steps at this time in your life to make sure you’re still sleeping healthily. To help ensure this, you might put in place some rules, such as not using a device with a screen for a few hours before bedtime. 


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