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5 ways to get your wedding-day makeup look just right

So, we recently wrote about some of the beauty treatments that you should probably avoid having done immediately before your wedding in Gibraltar (or for that matter, anywhere else). With that behind us, what about some of the courses of action we would encourage you to take when cultivating your wedding-day look?

Here are five tips we would set out for those who are largely interested in doing their own makeup for their upcoming Gibraltar weddings.

  1. Ensure your skin is suitably prepared

You should be thinking about your wedding makeup approach long before the big day itself. Preparing your skin before your wedding day will involve taking care of it in the weeks and months in the run-up, and using products that target any specific concerns you may have.

We aren’t necessarily suggesting that you spend a lot on multiple products here; you might simply look for skincare products that have more active ingredients, or add a further step, such as the use of a chemical exfoliator.

The aim is to prepare and hydrate your skin so that it provides a smooth and silky base for whatever makeup you wish to apply on the day itself.

  1. ‘Trial’ your favoured makeup look ahead of the wedding

You might have a particular aesthetic in mind, and you may have even perfected the application of it. But how will it look and feel over the course of your wedding day? You can never be entirely sure unless you test it out, so it’s a good idea to put aside a day to do precisely that.

Spend a day with the look you have created, and check how it wears from morning until night. Also get a friend or relative to take some candid snaps of you, so that you can reflect on how it looks from different angles. After all, your wedding guests and photographer won’t be seeing you on the big day purely from the angles you prefer for your selfies!

  1. Get an organised schedule in place for your makeup on the day

Even with the best-laid plans, the final stages of the preparation process on the wedding day itself can be hectic. So, you should definitely be planning things out in advance, including making sure a station is set up solely for your use if you intend to do your own makeup, and allowing enough time for your makeup on the day.

It’s easy to end up making mistakes with your makeup at the very moments when you have the least time to correct them. So, we would suggest allowing about two hours to accommodate this.

  1. Apply your makeup with your wedding photography in mind

One thing about creating a makeup look for a wedding that differs from the situation of creating a makeup look for almost any other occasion, is that you can expect to be photographed a lot at your wedding. This is likely to have certain implications for your makeup approach.

As a broad rule, the makeup that you feel most comfortable in is likely to be the makeup that will work best for your nuptials. However, it might be a good idea to add slightly more blush, bronzer or colour to your lips than you normally would, to help prevent you looking ‘washed out’ in the wedding snaps. Greater definition on your eyes and cheeks is also likely to help your makeup ‘pop’ in photos.

  1. Trust a professional organised via Sweet Gibraltar Weddings to handle your makeup!

While the above tips are all geared towards those who would like to do their own makeup for their big day, you naturally don’t have to take the DIY approach.

Indeed, our team here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings has well-developed contacts with beauty professionals who can help ensure you look truly jaw-dropping on your wedding day. They can pay close attention to your makeup and hairstyling, and provide all the related beauty treatments you could desire, such as eyelash extensions, manicures and facials.

Simply fill in and submit our online contact form today, or give us a call, and we will be pleased to discuss with you the packages we offer for Gibraltar weddings, and the other tailored services from which you can benefit.