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5 ways Gibraltar is like a ‘home from home’ for British couples

While there are many fine reasons to tie the knot in Gibraltar, for Britons, one of the biggest things attracting them to this part of the world is unquestionably its status as a British Overseas Territory. Indeed, you’ve probably heard a lot in the past about how Gibraltar is effectively ‘Britain-upon-Sea’ – but how British are weddings in Gibraltar, really?

Well, here are just five things that will remind you of home if you do formalise your union with your beloved here.

All of those red post boxes…

There are few things quite as evocative of all things British as a red post box, which you’ll see dotted around the territory. In fact, according to the Royal Gibraltar Post Office, Gibraltar’s Main Street is the only street known to have an example of a letter box from each British monarch since they were first introduced in the mid-19th century, during Queen Victoria’s reign.

…and all of that shopping

Weddings in Gibraltar also give loved-up couples the perfect opportunity to dabble in a bit of British high-street shopping from such familiar names as Debenhams, Holland & Barrett, Marks and Spencer and NEXT. Mind you, the VAT-free nature of that shopping is slightly less British…

The English language

You may be at the entrance of the Mediterranean when you get married in Gibraltar, but English is the official language of the territory, being widely spoken – including by the government and in schools.

Gibraltar is a very bilingual and multicultural place, though, with locals also often being proficient in Spanish, so don’t be surprised to hear other languages being spoken on the territory’s streets.

The pound

Well, sort of! You see, Gibraltar actually has its own version of the pound, pegged to and exchangeable with the British pound sterling at par value. Unfortunately, these Gibraltarian pounds aren’t legal tender back home in the United Kingdom, although they are occasionally spotted in circulation in Britain anyway.

British pride

Gibraltar may be a slightly curious place to explore for those accustomed to the greyness and drizzle of Britain, but we suggest that you don’t dare question Gibraltarians’ pride over being British.

The 1967 and 2002 referendums in the territory saw locals emphatically reject proposals for Spanish and then shared sovereignty, indicating just how strongly connected they feel to the UK.

So, there you have it – just five of the ways in which Gibraltar is emphatically British, despite that Mediterranean climate and those Barbary macaque monkeys. It’s no wonder, then, that weddings in Gibraltar are such a draw for British couples – and when you drop us a line here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we can soon begin discussing how to make the dream a reality for you, too.