5 unusual ideas to make your Gibraltar wedding even more memorable

bridal couple with a red classic car

5 unusual ideas to make your Gibraltar wedding even more memorable

While there’s pretty much no couple out there that wants their wedding to be ‘just like everyone else’s’, it’s fair to say that trying to make your special day distinctive can be tricky to do. After all, haven’t all the best “unusual” ideas already been thought of? 


But in truth, of course, adding unconventional touches to your wedding shouldn’t be just about trying to make it distinctive for its own sake. What you’re really trying to do, is make your wedding feel more like it is truly your own, and that of your beloved. 


So, let’s take a look at just some of the great things you can do – alongside catering to the more obvious basics – to make your Gibraltar wedding memorable in the right ways. 


Create bespoke wedding invitations 

This could be an especially great tip for those of you who have professional designers in your family or friendship group, or if you’re designers or illustrators yourselves. 


Alternatively, you could hire someone to create such invitations for you, perhaps featuring illustrations of the two of you, along with visual references to things that are important to you – for example, the places you were born, went to school and/or met each other. 


Have a cool set of wheels 

The wedding car has long been fundamental to the visuals of any wedding – it’s one of the things that many who were present will remember for years to come. So, why not take the chance to choose a vehicle that reflects your interests or personalities? 


Pretty much any and every type of car has served as a wedding car in the past, ranging from classic Minis to high-performance Ferraris. Or perhaps a friend or relative has a cool vehicle you could cheekily ask to borrow? Our team here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings also routinely arranges wedding cars for Gibraltar weddings


Come up with an unusual wedding guestbook 

It’s easy to presume that an ‘unconventional’ wedding guestbook would be a hassle to arrange, but it doesn’t have to be. You might simply substitute the traditional guestbook for another item that you ask guests to sign, and that represents your interests as a couple. 


If the two of you are music fans, for instance, you could set up a suitcase record player with a vinyl LP positioned on the platter, and provide pens for guests to sign the record and record player. Or maybe you could have a custom portrait print created, with space around the illustration of you both for attendees to express their best wishes? 


Put board games on your guests’ tables 

Everyone knows the basics of popular board games like Monopoly. That’s a great reason to set out some on the tables at your Gibraltar wedding reception, to provide a fun after-dinner activity. 

You might even make a point of having a different board game at each table, to encourage attendees to move from table to table over the course of the evening. 


Personalise your wedding vows 

While there are certain words that must be included in wedding vows for a marriage to be legally binding, there’s more scope to customise them than you might think. 


You might do so in also to acknowledge certain aspects of your life – mentioning any kids you already have, for example – or you might like your vows to be more emotional or even amusing than the traditional ‘standard’. Whatever the exact situation for the two of you, there are plenty of ways to do it. 


We’re highly capable and experienced planners of Gibraltar weddings here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, with thousands of successful weddings behind us. So, why not enquire today about how our team could help assemble the perfect nuptials for you and your sweetheart in the sun-drenched British Overseas Territory?