5 unique destination wedding theme ideas

Vintage Volkswagen wedding car

5 unique destination wedding theme ideas

There’s arguably nothing quite as dreamy as a wedding in a far-off locale like Gibraltar. Besides the Mediterranean climate and gorgeous scenery that makes us love Gibraltar weddings so much, the British Overseas Territory is also a great source of inspiration for wedding themes and décor.

Destination wedding themes are almost easier to create than those for weddings ‘back home’; all you really have to do is let your surroundings guide you. Once you pinpoint the wedding theme of your dreams, you can officially move forward with the rest of your plans for your nuptials. 

But if you’re still unsure as to which direction to go in with your wedding theme, we’ve rounded up some of the themes that work especially well for Gibraltar weddings, no matter how unique your style or venue.



We all know an unconventional couple who have never been ones to take the ‘normal route’ with almost any aspect of their lives – and if you don’t, that couple is probably you and your beloved!

So if the latter’s the case, why not go for an ‘alternative’ theme that rejects stuffy tradition? An alternative theme works great for couples who are more drawn to moody colour palettes and whimsical accessories than bright floral and ‘been-there-done-that’ wedding decoration. 

It’s an approach that’s all about pushing the boundaries as far as you dare (within reason!). 



Or you could always take inspiration from decades gone by with a vintage wedding theme, incorporating the varied history of Gibraltar into your wedding with a vintage outfit and beauty look. As for the ceremony and reception, you might like the idea of sourcing antique-looking décor – think weathered doors and worn-in wood seats. 

Finish off the vintage theme by arranging to be driven away in a classic getaway car, like an old Porsche or Volkswagen. How romantic!




‘Boho chic’ is another style that many brides and grooms embody long before they actually become brides and grooms. So if this is your aesthetic, why not extend it to your Gibraltar nuptials, too? 

A bohemian wedding is cool and carefree, yet still remarkably beautiful. Keep your venue decorations simple, yet elegant, with decorative pillows and hanging macramé decorations.

Accent your walk down the aisle with flowers – speaking of which, you might take advantage of our Botanical Gardens Package to truly emphasise the natural romanticism of your bohemian wedding.



As for if you opt to tie the knot while perched on top of the Rock of Gibraltar itself – courtesy of our Mons Calpe Suite Package – why not pay homage to the stunning sea views by giving your wedding a nautical theme

It’s the perfect way to ‘make waves’ with wedding decor that draws upon various blue and white tones and beach motifs. Incorporate stripes, shells, anchors and sailboats into your wedding look and decoration to exude a maritime style.



If you envision a wedding full of fancy gowns and prim bowties, your overall theme will have to match accordingly. Consider complete table settings – wine glasses and all – with a full sit-down dinner. Don’t forget the posh seating, ornate flower arrangements and well-decorated cake, to name just a few formalities. 

If the idea of this more traditional and formal theme enchants you, it’s well worth checking out our Lounge Restaurant Package, which is perfect for hosting a celebratory dinner with all the sumptuous and proper trimmings.

Hopefully, the above five suggestions will have left you feeling more inspired about the possibilities for your own nuptials in this part of the Iberian Peninsula. 

To learn more about our planners’ experience and expertise in Gibraltar weddings and how we can help to make your dream a reality, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team today via phone or email.