5 types of wedding guests you ought to be prepared for

5 types of wedding guests you ought to be prepared for

We realise, here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, that it’s probably not quite right to stereotype people. But then on the other hand, we are experienced enough in organising weddings in Gibraltar to know that some people can play up to certain stereotypes, however unwittingly. 

What point are we making here? Well, we’re saying that if you want to be fully prepared for your own Gibraltar wedding, it’s a good idea to be mindful of the different ‘types’ of wedding guests out there, and the best ways to handle them. 

Here are just five examples of such wedding-guest ‘types’, and what you might do to help ensure you get the best out of them on your special day, rather than the worst. 

The ‘party starter’ 

We probably all know this kind of person; the kind of person who, even when the music isn’t playing, is the life of the party. If they aren’t currently at a club night or big bash, they’re probably phoning around their friends to plan the next one. 

As you might expect, these ‘party’ types add a lot of energy to a wedding. They can therefore be great people to introduce to your more hesitant and shy guests, to help ensure everyone gets into the contagious party spirit on your big day. 

The ‘snap-happy photographer’ 

By this, we aren’t necessarily referring to your professional wedding photographer, but instead to that person who always seems to be there at every special moment of your nuptials – the speeches, the vows, the first dance, and the first kiss – with a smartphone on hand, snapping away. 

And many couples feel very flattered to have such a guest at their wedding, although of course, you should also make sure they aren’t getting in your wedding photographer’s way. 

As long as the two of them aren’t stumbling over each other, your professional photographer and the amateur photographer among your attendees will hopefully do a great job of coming up with a range of interesting and varied photos of your wedding. 

The ‘babysitter’ 

We aren’t necessarily talking here about a literal babysitter, but simply that person who seems to always get along really well with the kids. Think the ‘cool auntie’ type, or the groom’s best man who can share a smile and a laugh with the young ones. 

Inevitably, this type of guest can be great at keeping the kids busy. However, it’s important not to simply leave the kids with them all the time, given that – as we stated above – they aren’t there to be an actual babysitter. 

Be prepared to take over to spend time stimulating the kids yourself, or arrange for someone else to have a shift with them, so that your ‘babysitter’ attendee can go off and be an adult at some point during the celebrations. 

The ‘life saver’ 

A wedding can be an extremely busy and chaotic event by its very nature, and various things can go wrong – or at least slightly awry – that you might not even be aware of. And when and where those problems arise, you can expect the ‘life saver’ guest to be helping to solve them. 

This type of guest is often one of the bridesmaids; they’re constantly by your side, helping to keep restless kids busy, or redoing your makeup when your mascara runs. 

How do you handle this type of guest? Well, you do nothing in particular, other than leaving them to get on with solving those problems. They do, though, definitely deserve a nice gift from you as a ‘thank you’ for all their help. 

The ‘ladies’ man’ 

We all know the type… the heartthrob, the skilled Casanova, the one who spends the later part of the night hanging around the blushing single ladies among your attendees… maybe even your bridesmaids. 

It’s probably a good idea to seat this ‘playboy’ type at a table of happy couples, and away from any female friends of yours who have just broken up with someone and are therefore feeling a bit tender and emotional. 

There you go – five types of guest who you should be alert to when you are planning your nuptials, and contemplating who to seat with who. For even more advice, guidance and help with all the key aspects of weddings in Gibraltar, remember that our team at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings can be contacted by phone or email