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5 trends for your 2019 Gibraltar wedding

It’s never too soon to start planning your wedding in Gibraltar. If you’re tying the knot with us in 2019, we want you to be up to speed on all the latest trends. Here are five must-have additions for next year’s nuptials.

Practical dresses

When choosing a dress for your Gibraltar wedding, think about what you need. As well as something light for the warm weather, savvy brides may opt for a dress with pockets. A hot trend on the high street and catwalk, pocket dresses are now making their way to the aisle. They’re perfect for keeping your valuables close by and mean you have your hands free to hold onto your new spouse tightly!

Unplugged ceremonies

Contemporary weddings are focused on the experience, with many couples asking their guests to be ‘present’ during their special ceremony. If you want to avoid your every move being live-tweeted, simply request that guests turn off their mobile phones and leave the photography to the professionals. They won’t miss a moment and you’ll have their undivided attention. Once the ceremony is over, they can tweet to their heart’s content.

Dessert tables

Traditional wedding cakes aren’t for everyone. A gorgeous and popular alternative is a pop-up dessert table, where guests can help themselves to a variety of treats like s’mores, sundaes & macarons. It also means you can cater for any dietary requirements without compromising on taste and style. Your guests will gather around the table, making it an interactive experience everyone can enjoy.

Eco-conscious weddings

A hot topic at home and in Gibraltar, reducing waste and being eco-friendly is now at the forefront of many weddings. It’s easy to introduce sustainability to your special day. Think about reducing plastics, using flowers that can be replanted, ditching confetti and sourcing local, organic food. Ask your guests to get involved and come up with ideas too.


Bold and bright, think shades of the 70s with orange, yellow and purple taking their turn in the spotlight. Ditch pale pastels and opt for strong colours in your flowers like violets and periwinkles. You could even go bold with a coloured wedding dress, or keep it subtle with vibrant shoes.