5 tips for promoting your Gibraltar wedding ‘the right way’ on Instagram

5 tips for promoting your Gibraltar wedding ‘the right way’ on Instagram

With it having been literally decades now since the ‘social media age’ began, you might imagine that no one needs advice anymore on how to document their weddings in Gibraltar on these major platforms. 


Here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, though, we disagree – we think there are still some important bits of advice that can be given about how to spread the word about your nuptials on your socials. 


For this particular article, we’re focusing on Instagram, which – being a highly visually oriented social network – lends itself beautifully to captivating snaps from weddings in Gibraltar. 


But of course, many of the tips will be transferrable to other places such as Twitter and TikTok – so, let’s get on with setting out five of the most useful pointers. 


Don’t post a photo of only the diamond for your engagement post 


Announcing that you’re engaged is likely the first communication you will make of your upcoming wedding on your ‘Insta’ – but it’s not a great idea to share a picture of only the diamond. 


It can come across as a bit tacky, like you’re showing off, instead of representing a sincerely sentimental expression of your love for one another. 


Don’t overdo it on the ‘shedding for the wedding’ content 


Out of curiosity when we were writing this article, we looked up #SheddingForTheWedding on Instagram, and there were apparently more than 167,000 posts using that hashtag. So, it is evidently very much a ‘thing’ of social media wedding culture. 


Even so, this is a theme of your wedding preparations where you should probably try to avoid coming across like you’re practising weight loss as if it were an extreme sport. You won’t want to give the impression of being a bit unseemly and embarrassing, and it’s hardly as if the state of your waistline will be anywhere near one of the most important things about your wedding. 


Remember that you don’t need to share everything! 


This is your wedding; hopefully, you will have a photographer and videographer on hand to document the really special moments in the most professional, enchanting, and creative ways. 


So, allow yourself to revel in the moment, rather than worry about whether you’ve got ‘that’ snap or ‘that’ bit of footage captured to share on your Insta. Just because you can theoretically record and share a blurry video of the dance floor on Instagram – complete with your best friend from your school days pulling cringeworthy moves – doesn’t mean you should. 


Refrain from posting photos of the dress until after the ceremony 


Deciding on your wedding dress will be one of the most angst-inducing stages of the whole process of organising your nuptials. So, you don’t need to potentially make that situation worse by posting images online of the dress prior to the ceremony, and then getting worked up about someone’s throwaway comment, or whether you got enough ‘likes’ in response to your post. 


Make sure, then, that the vendors or bridesmaids are well-briefed on the importance of not sharing public images of your wedding dress ahead of the big day. 


Smile and have fun! 


Your wedding day may be one of the most special days of your life, but this isn’t a fashion shoot or something you’re getting paid for, so there’s no need to be too paranoid and perfectionistic about what you do and don’t post. 


That extends to the simple details of your photos – you don’t need to be spending a huge amount of time arranging an artful post in every one of your wedding-day Instagram snaps. Instead, it’s just fine to present you, your beloved, and other people in attendance in smiling, happy, jovial mood – because that’s the kind of occasion a wedding is meant to be. 


That’s enough tips for now – we wish you the very best for your own upcoming wedding, whether or not you intend to showcase much of the celebration on Instagram. To learn more about our own knowhow in relation to weddings in Gibraltar, and how we can help make yours memorable in the best ways, please don’t wait any longer to call or send an email to our team