5 tips for making your winter wedding even more special and unique

5 tips for making your winter wedding even more special and unique

While a lot of people may wonder why one would choose to tie the knot in a ‘sun-drenched’ Mediterranean destination such as Gibraltar during the winter, this is something we have previously discussed in detail on the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings blog. In short, choosing somewhere warm and sunny at a slightly less ‘intense’ time of year (in several senses of that word) can be just the thing enabling many couples to strike the perfect balance.

Now, presuming you have decided on a winter wedding in Gibraltar or elsewhere, whether for 2022, 2023 or even further ahead than that, what steps might you take to make your special day during this special season even more memorable? 

Embrace a long-sleeved style 

Winter isn’t something to merely ‘adapt to’ with your wedding attire – it’s something to embrace! And there are many long-sleeved wedding dresses out there, also incorporating details like feathers and sparkles, that you will look fabulous in, and that will also help provide an extra layer against any chill or even rain that does occur on your big day. 

Incorporate a wintry look into your wedding cake 

You might have already had a clear idea of what you wanted your wedding cake to look like even before settling on a winter date for your nuptials. Or perhaps your mind really has been a ‘blank slate’ in that regard? Either way, there are a lot of fun things you can do to acknowledge the winter season with your wedding cake. 

You may be tempted to go for a more ‘rustic’ look than you might have done for a summer cake, with touches like fresh eucalyptus leaves and gold leaf. Or if you’d like to incorporate fruits such as cranberries, pears, and figs into your cake, what about making them sugar-encrusted to evoke snow? 

Go with the modern, monochrome look for the décor  

Couples do often choose more muted tones for their winter wedding décor than they might have picked for nuptials held at the height of summer. A good tip for trying out different looks here is to go with combinations of black and white to create pleasing contrast around the venue, especially if you like the idea of having a contemporary, minimalist look that also feels subtly wintry. 

Offer your guests a roast dinner 

If delicate canapes feel like just the thing for a summer wedding in the open air, when it’s winter and the celebrations are likely to be happening almost entirely indoors, your attendees will probably be ravenous for some comfort food. So, a roasted joint carved at the table will almost certainly be much welcomed as the ‘main’, while for dessert, a sticky toffee pudding should round things off nicely. 

Play with lots of different textures 

The winter is a season that many of us associate with a broad range of fascinating textures and surfaces, so why not embrace that in your wedding decorations? Whether you use fluffy faux fur for the table setting or use foliage in a slightly more theatrical way around the venue than you would have done in the summer, there is so much potential for experimentation with texture. 

With our far-reaching experience and track record in the planning of Gibraltar weddings here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we’re ready and available to assist your efforts to put together nuptials you and your beloved will remember for all the finest reasons – whatever time of year your wedding happens. Simply email or phone us today for further information about our renowned services.