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5 tips for choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress for your Gibraltar Wedding

There are so many things that you need to organise when planning your wedding day. If you have your heart set on a beach wedding, then you need to carefully consider your choice of bridesmaid dress. There are some challenges, such as uneven surfaces, sand, and possible sea spray. So, if you are getting married in Gibraltar and are in the process of choosing your bridesmaid dresses, we can help. Below we share with you five helpful tips for when choosing that perfect bridesmaid dress.

1. Best to keep the length short

The golden rule when choosing a bridesmaid dress for a beach wedding is to keep the length short. This will avoid the hem becoming dirty, wet with seawater, or being torn on rocks. The bridesmaid will feel comfortable with the shorter length and can team the dress with a cute pair of flat shoes.

2. Consider the fabric

Another consideration is that of the fabric. The odds are that the weather will be hot, so it’s important that the chosen material can breathe and will keep your bridesmaid cool. Good choices are those of cotton and chiffon, and they are also incredibly comfortable to wear.

3. When you are getting married

Even though you are getting married on the beach, you still need to consider the time of year. The day may be warm, but the temperature may drop dramatically during the evening. It is therefore important to think about adding a wrap, or shawl, to the dress, to keep your bridesmaids warm and cosy.

4. Remember to keep it simple

One of the huge benefits of choosing a beach wedding is that you can keep everything informal, including your bridesmaid dresses. Simple often looks much better when set against the natural beach environment, so avoid ruffles, multiple layers, and garish colours.

5. The flowing dress

When getting married on the beach everyone needs to be able to move about with ease. Make sure that your chosen bridesmaid dress is not tight fitting, so does not restrict movement. A flowing dress will look really beautiful and will echo the natural movement of the waves.

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