5 things you’ll probably despise about organising your wedding

5 things you’ll probably despise about organising your wedding

Our team here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings will always be proponents of getting married in Gibraltar, and the process of planning your nuptials will undoubtedly be one of the most exciting times in your life. However, we also can’t pretend you will love everything about those knotty, but oh-so-crucial weeks and months of getting everything together for your big day. 

Even the most ‘laidback’ people can find themselves cracking under the pressures of wedding planning – whether those pressures are budgetary, practical, or interpersonal. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the aspects of organising your special day that you are likely to be less than thankful for. 

People constantly asking you about the wedding date 

If we consider the moment you get engaged to be the official ‘start’ of your wedding planning, it’s fair to say some people can consider it more akin to a ‘starting gun’, and a prompt to hurtle oneself down the aisle as quickly as possible. 

Granted, some couples may well have a specific date already in mind, and might wish to get on with their wedding planning more urgently than others. 

But for those of us who simply want to ‘savour the moment’ for a little while, the constant questioning from friends and family of “have you set a date yet?” can get more than a little wearying. 

The meltdowns you’ll have over the smallest things 

You know that feeling of stress just… accumulating and accumulating, to the point where it’s the most ridiculously small thing that finally ‘sets you off’ into a meltdown? It’s a feeling you’re likely to become more familiar with during the planning of your wedding. 

The stress you’re likely to feel when organising your wedding will need to be carefully managed. You will get worked up about aspects of your wedding that might seem trivial to those who aren’t planning to tie the knot themselves, but it’s something that every bride and groom goes through.  

The need to relentlessly chase RVSPs 

It seems a simple enough task to reply by a stated deadline to a wedding invite, but it might seem a task beyond some of your invitees. 

And then, there’s always the worry that some invites might have got lost in the post, or been eaten by the invitee’s dog, or that the invitee has somehow mistakenly thought they didn’t have to respond… yes, such worries can be ridiculous, but they can also be a standard feature of life when planning your wedding. 

Guests having unreasonable demands

Even if your invitees do receive their invites and RSVP just fine, some of them might behave as if you had invited them to the wedding with 24 hours’ notice, or they may simply fail to respect the rules you have set for your special day. 

Sometimes, ‘life happens’ and the babysitter your invitees had previously arranged for the kids on your wedding date might be suddenly unavailable. Still, whether your guests are behaving reasonably or unreasonably, dealing with it all can be pretty draining. 

The near certainty that you will go over your budget 

This was a consistent enough problem for couples planning their weddings even before the recent financial strains that nearly all of us have faced during the cost-of-living crisis. 

This is why articles like this one, from wedding planning firms like Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, constantly emphasise the importance of carefully determining what you can spend, and sticking to it. And even if you do try to take care with your budget, certain expenses might pop up that you hadn’t even thought of

If reading about all the above has got you dreading some aspects of planning your wedding already, let’s introduce some positivity. Yes, your nuptials will be one of the most special moments of your life, and you might even miss some of the things that stressed you out during your planning once the thrill and excitement of it all is over. 

As for if you would appreciate some more direct help with the planning if you’re interested in getting married in Gibraltar, we’re always available here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings to guide and assist. Simply reach out to us now, or take a look at our latest available wedding packages