5 things you ought to be doing during the week of your wedding

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5 things you ought to be doing during the week of your wedding

Reading blogs on wedding planning like this one, you might become accustomed to the notion that organising a wedding is all about planning many weeks or months ahead – and of course, it typically is about that.

But the short term matters too, and you won’t want to experience any avoidable ‘trip-ups’ during the final week leading up to your big day. 

So, here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we thought we would set out some of those easy-to-forget things that you should do during the crucial last few days before your celebrations in earnest really get started. 

Picking out a perfume and/or aftershave for your wedding 

It’s something that a lot of people planning Gibraltar weddings spend a lot of time thinking about in the run-up to their special day. But with the biggest focus often being on one’s wedding look rather than necessarily smell, you might not have made a final decision on your wedding-day scent until now. 

The good news is that it’s a relatively unimportant and light-hearted task compared to so much else that is involved in organising a wedding. So, you could even just do it during some retail downtime the weekend before the big day. 

‘Test driving’ your wedding look 

We aren’t just talking here about breaking in your footwear or focusing on one other specific aspect of your wedding-day look – we’re referring to trying on the entire ensemble a final time prior to your nuptials taking place. 

Just make sure you don’t have any food or drink nearby that would cause a stain if you were to spill it on your precious outfit. 

Keeping well-hydrated 

Isn’t this more the kind of thing we would be advising you to do on your wedding day itself? Well, yes, but you should also be quenching your thirst plenty during this crucial final pre-wedding week. 

Maintaining good hydration levels is of obvious importance for your health regardless, but doing so at this time will also help keep you alert when attending to those last few details and tasks in the run-up to your special day. Plus, it will help give you a glowing and healthy-looking complexion for your wedding photos. 

Double-checking the logistics for the wedding and honeymoon 

Presuming you’re reading this as someone who will be boarding a plane in order to get to Gibraltar for your special day, you will naturally want to check that you have everything in hand related to your travel and accommodation. 

Most obviously, does the airline definitely have your flight booking confirmed? And what about the hotels for you and other members of your travelling wedding party and guests? These precious few days are a great time to check over those details one or two final times. 

Making sure you have the ‘exit plan’ ready 

Related to the above point, it’s one thing to know how you will be getting to Gibraltar, and quite another thing to be similarly well-versed in what you will be doing immediately after the wedding ceremony and reception. 

Will you and your beloved be heading off on a honeymoon, and if so, do you have the relevant flights and/or accommodation arrangements sorted? What will other wedding attendees be doing? Will some people among the travelling party remain in Gibraltar a little longer? Whatever the situation, you should be making sure everything has been suitably planned and confirmed. 

The planning process for Gibraltar weddings – as is the case for weddings elsewhere – can be complicated and stress-inducing, but it doesn’t have to be unmanageable and overwhelming. Get in touch with the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team today for further information on how we might best assist you in organising your own big day on the British Overseas Territory.