5 things to check when comparing wedding cake suppliers

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5 things to check when comparing wedding cake suppliers

It may not seem like the kind of thing that would necessarily even take up that much time compared to other aspects of planning a wedding – such as deciding on and booking the right venue – but there can be more to arranging a wedding cake than you might think. 


Your wedding cake, let’s not forget, will be one of the most enduring images of your special day, and is sure to surface often in your guests’ Instagram snaps of the big event. So, at the very least, you’ll want to be sure of having chosen the right wedding cake maker. 


Here, then, are just five factors that will help you make the most suitable choice. 


Will the cake maker be available on my wedding date? 


It might seem almost too obvious a point to make, but it’s not much good to absolutely adore a particular wedding cake provider’s work, if they’re already booked for the intended date of your nuptials. The most in-demand professional bakers can be fully booked for weddings as far as a year in advance, so this is one of the very first things you should be checking. 


What are the cake maker’s food hygiene safety practices? 


If – as we presume – you’re serious about only engaging the services of a professional supplier of wedding cakes, the cake maker you choose should at least have some kind of food safety certificate, and be willing to show you if you ask them. We would strongly urge you to hire a registered food business for the job, so that you can be confident in their hygiene standards. 


How skilled and experienced is this wedding cake provider? 


It’s important to be careful with this one – a given wedding cake maker having been around for X number of years doesn’t automatically make them the better option than a business that has only existed for half of that time. And much the same can be said in relation to the number of cakes they have made in the past. However, a more experienced cake maker is also likely to be one that has faced – and overcome – a broader variety of challenges for their customers. 


Which cakes pictured in their portfolio are ones they have made themselves? 


You might be surprised to learn that some cake makers will present beautiful cakes on their website that merely represent cakes they’re “willing” to make, rather than ones they have actually made in the past. So, if there’s a particular cake shown in their portfolio that has caught your eye, it’s well worth checking whether this was one the business showing it actually created. 


How will delivery of the wedding cake to the venue be coordinated? 


So much of organising a wedding is about getting various different ‘parties’ to work together, and it’s no less the case when it comes to your wedding cake supplier and venue. You’ll want to know well in advance exactly who organises delivery times with the venue, so that you or your partner won’t have to urgently phone around on the big day to figure out what’s happening. 


Indeed, the risk of stress and confusion like the above may be one of the factors motivating you to seek a complete ‘end-to-end’ wedding planner when you’re interested in getting married in Gibraltar. After all, an overseas destination wedding can bring enough other logistical challenges, without any worries over the wedding cake as well! It’s therefore just as well that we can help arrange the wedding cake as an ‘extra’ service with one of our renowned wedding packages


For a more detailed discussion about how we could assist you in making your wedding dream in the British Overseas Territory a reality, don’t hesitate to enquire to the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team today