5 things not to overlook as you plan your dream wedding in Gibraltar

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5 things not to overlook as you plan your dream wedding in Gibraltar

The task of merely organising, never mind actually holding, a wedding can be complicated – we think everyone understands this to some extent. There’s just so much to try to remember, and that’s definitely no less the case as far as weddings in Gibraltar are concerned. 

So, our skilled wedding planners decided to put together a list of five of the things most frequently overlooked by those organising their nuptials. Hopefully, this will help prevent you from falling victim to some of the same mistakes! 

  • Elderly or less abled guests 

Always show the utmost consideration to elderly, less mobile, and less abled guests. This is especially the case for weddings in Gibraltar – after all, you won’t want your loved ones to travel all the way to the destination, only to find they cannot participate easily in certain aspects of the wedding. 

So, it’s crucial to make sure the venue is easily accessible, and that there are seating options available throughout the day. You might also want to have a quieter room during the reception for those who can’t take loud noise or who don’t want to dance. 

  • The cost of beauty treatments 

When it comes to choosing the beautician for your big day, it is essential to look into exactly what is included in their prices, and what you may need to book separately.

This will enable you to suitably budget for any treatments you might need before the wedding, such as make-up, hairstyling, and eyelash extensions (this is not an exhaustive list!).  

Here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we have excellent contacts with wedding service providers across the British Overseas Territory. This includes connections to trusted beauty treatment specialists, so why not ask us about this when you enquire to us? 

  • Packing a ‘getting ready’ outfit and backup shoes 

All you require is the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit, right? Wrong! You also need to make sure you pack something to get ready in, like a robe or some novelty PJs. It’s also worth bringing backup shoes so you aren’t wearing heels all day. 

  • Planning for alterations (and bringing someone to your final fitting) 

Always plan enough time for alterations to be done to the dresses and suits. A bride, for instance, should make sure she brings someone to her final fitting, so that the seamstress can show them how to get the bride in and out of the dress!

  • Checking the venue for decoration restrictions 

Some venues may already be decorated, while others might stipulate that you use their own providers, but with no option to then take the decorations away. 

Whatever the situation, it’s important to check what is and isn’t allowed at the venue of your choice before you set your heart on a very specific decoration aesthetic. 

For more assistance and advice in relation to the planning of weddings in Gibraltar, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team today. We’ll help you to work through those knotty and easily overlooked details in advance, so that your own destination nuptials are ones to remember!