5 things brides should avoid posting on social media in the run-up to their wedding

5 things brides should avoid posting on social media in the run-up to their wedding

The emergence of social media in the last few decades (yes, decades – MySpace was founded almost 20 years ago now!) has certainly opened up many opportunities in our lives that we might have never expected in the old days. The chances are that today, you have friends you know or first met through a social network like Facebook or Twitter; it has truly helped bring many of us together. 

And as we have previously written about here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, you might be particularly looking forward to posting content on your social media profiles when you will be getting married in Gibraltar

But as we all know (or at least, most of us should know) by now, social media can have a problematic side. Specifically, we need to be careful about what we publish on such platforms, perhaps even more so when a particular important event, such as a wedding, is looming in our lives. 

So, partly for fun and partly as sincere advice, let’s look at some of the things you shouldn’t be posting on your Instagram, TikTok or other social media pages if you are a bride preparing to tie the knot with your sweetheart. 

Pictures of the wedding dress 

Yes, we know. You’re excited – in fact, more than a little excited – about your choice of dress. But you’ll make a so much more spectacular and memorable entrance on your special day, if everyone else doesn’t get to see the gown days or weeks in advance. Keep it under wraps until then – the wait will be worth it for everyone. 

Daily countdowns to the wedding and honeymoon 

Again, your wedding date is something that you will understandably be extremely hyped-up about. In fact, you should be. This doesn’t mean, however, that everyone else wants to have their face constantly rubbed in it. An update to your ‘countdown’ once every two days should be just fine. 

Rants about the bridesmaids or mother-in-law 

It’s understandable, too, that you might get into disagreements during your wedding planning with people who are helping you to organise it all, or who will be present on the day. 

But whatever it is you’re in conflict about – the cost of the dress, what the hen do will look like, one person’s “nagging”, or basically anything else – you will almost certainly make the situation worse, or at least a lot more awkward, if you vent about it in a Facebook update or tweet. 

What’s being planned for the day… unless it’s finalised 

You might be sure in the weeks and days immediately preceding your nuptials that you will be getting married in Gibraltar… but there may still be some details you aren’t absolutely certain about yet. 

You may still be trying to get a certain band to commit to performing on the day, for instance, or you might be wondering whether to make any other surprise announcement at the wedding reception. 

Regardless, it’s best to avoid using your public social media profiles to “think out loud” on these subjects. Instead, keep working quietly in the background on making your wedding as special as it deserves to be, so that the only surprises the attendees get on the day are pleasant ones. 

Money concerns 

They say money makes the world go round, but it doesn’t have to be a subject that drives your social media followers to distraction. 

Sure, you might be finding it hard to keep to your wedding budget, or you may be thrilled that your parents have put forward funds to make that dream wedding dress, location or venue possible. But advertising your personal money situation in front of everyone on social media is a bit… unseemly, and best avoided. 

There you go – five social media ‘faux pas’ we would urge you to steer well clear of as your wedding nears! For a detailed discussion of the many ways our capable and seasoned team of planners can help you keep on the ‘straight and narrow’ with your wedding preparations (and away from the unhealthier distractions of social media!), please do not hesitate to enquire to Sweet Gibraltar Weddings today