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5 reasons to have a destination wedding

Destination weddings have soared in popularity in the last few years. At Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we think this is down to a few key things. There are some great reasons to have a destination wedding, and we also believe that Gibraltar ticks all of these boxes.

You can almost guarantee sunny weather

Unfortunately, it is difficult to know whether or not it will rain at British weddings. However, if you have a destination wedding, the weather is a lot more guaranteed. Bad weather can happen anywhere – but in Gibraltar, for instance, we enjoy consecutive sunny days regularly throughout spring, summer and autumn. Having a destination wedding means that there is much more of a guarantee of beautiful weather.

It can work out cheaper

Surprisingly, destination weddings can often be cheaper. Flights aren’t usually that expensive, and it’s possible to get a wedding package to cover your accommodation. And as guests are getting a holiday out of it, they will often be more willing to pay for their own hotel.

It can be more exclusive

There are also typically a lot fewer guests at destination weddings. This isn’t ideal for some people, but others will love the fact that they don’t have to invite dozens of guests, including people that they barely speak to, just to look polite. This can help couples save even more money.

The dress code is more relaxed

If you don’t want to get married in a full wedding dress or a suit, a destination wedding could be perfect for you. The dress code is much more flexible, meaning that formal wedding gear really isn’t essential and instead people can wear loose summer dresses and airy shirts. You can even go barefoot if you want! In Gibraltar, it’s far too hot to wear traditional wedding gear anyway!

You can combine it with your honeymoon!

One of the best things about having a destination wedding is that your honeymoon is right there. If you are having your wedding in Gibraltar, you will find that it is a fantastic honeymoon destination, with beaches, beautiful sea, and luxury resorts just waiting for you. Your honeymoon will start as soon as the wedding ends!