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5 reasons to get married in Gibraltar

Choosing the location of your wedding is always a tough decision. Before you even start to think about the potential cost of a venue, you have to take into consideration the travelling distance for friends and family.

One solution many couples are turning to is getting married abroad. With airfares cheaper than ever and short haul flight times comparable with car journeys, it’s an attractive option for all parties concerned.

To help give you and your loved one some guidance, here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings we have come up with a list of five reasons why you should choose the big rock for your big day.

The weather

The main reason most of us choose to get married abroad is to guarantee sunshine on our wedding day. Gibraltar then, with its year-round subtropical climate, is the perfect destination for those looking to avoid grey skies.

The convenience

With direct flights from airports in London, Manchester and Bristol, organising a wedding in Gibraltar is easier than you’d think.

A return flight can be booked for less than £100 and flight times are generally less than three hours. What’s more, once you arrive at the airport, you’re only 400 metres away from the main city centre.

The scenery

Whether you’re standing in front of the Europa Point Lighthouse or on top of the big rock, getting married in Gibraltar ensures you’re never far away from spectacular scenery.

In fact, Gibraltar weddings are some of the most picturesque in the world. The backdrop of the Alboran Sea combined with the views of mainland Morocco help to add a sense of beauty to any wedding photography.

The location

Gibraltar is ideally sandwiched between mainland Europe and the northern tip of Africa. As a result, potential honeymoon locations, such as Portugal, Morocco and Spain, are right on your doorstep.

That means you’ll get to spend less time travelling and more time relaxing in the company of your new husband or wife.

The culture

A Gibraltar wedding combines the best of Mediterranean and British culture. While road signs are in English, Gibraltarians usually speak a mishmash of Spanish and English. Pubs here intertwine with tapas bars, so it’s not uncommon to see visitors enjoying their fish and chips alongside a jug of sangria.

This familiarity is one of the reasons why weddings in Gibraltar are always popular with British tourists.