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5 of the most perfect colour themes for a Gibraltar wedding

Whether you have a style in mind for your wedding day or you’re still undecided on the theme of your day, some colour schemes can truly look amazing in a beautiful Gibraltar wedding setting. If you’re considering getting married in Gibraltar, here are a few different themes that will look stunning on your big day.

Gold and pink

The ultimate in millennial style or the best way to show off your modern style? The combination of gold and soft pastel pinks can create the ideal romantic finish to any setting, and with the stunning sunsets and venues available in Gibraltar, these colours can add the ideal finishing touch.

Blue and navy

For a more formal style of wedding, a stunning navy or deeper blue can add the ideal marine touch to any day. Black tie and blue often go perfectly together, and what better way to offset a white dress than with rich colours and tones?

Black, white and gold

As classic as it is appealing, combining blacks, whites and golds in your decor and theme can create the perfect level of sophistication to your day. Classy, almost retro in style and guaranteed to result in some amazing photographs, the contrasts of black, white and gold create just the right kind of drama.

Pastel paradise

Why stick to one colour, when you can have many? If you’re a fan of a myriad of different colours and styles, but don’t want your day to go too neon, perfect pastels can provide a rainbow of happiness to your day in combination with pale and white tones. If you love subtle colours and pretty mints, blushes and periwinkle type shades, then this theme might just be for you.

Slate blues and dove greys

A modern take on a sophisticated palette, combining beautiful muted blues with soft and appealing greys can create an event with a style all of its own, taking on the appearance of the classic retro wedding without the outdated style.

If you’re planning a wedding in beautiful Gibraltar and you’re looking for a helping hand, Sweet Gibraltar Weddings has the experience, skills and organisation power you need to make your wedding day amazing. Contact us today to discover how we can help make your big day even better.