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5 on-trend dress ideas for your 2021 Gibraltar wedding

If getting married in Gibraltar is in your plans for next year, you might be forgiven for thinking that couples’ priorities will be chiefly centred on winning the rush for available dates, as the wedding ‘bottleneck’ created by COVID-19 lockdowns is hopefully (and finally!) released.

But another thing that the New Year will definitely be about as far as sweethearts looking to tie the knot are concerned, is fascinating evolutions in wedding dress styles. Indeed, many of the emerging trends are arguably influenced or caused in some way by the disruption the pandemic has brought.

So, let’s give you a quick tour of some of the wedding dress trends starting to appear for 2021 that you might want to try at your Gibraltar wedding.

Striking silhouettes

2021 looks set to be a year in which, for many brides, their dress will emphasise an eye-catching shape over detailing. After all, we’ve all had a stressful past year, and brides will be looking to make a big visual impact without fussing too much over more intricate decorative elements.

Dresses with bows

While – as we mentioned above – we definitely expect strong silhouettes to characterise wedding dresses in 2021, one detail that has been tipped to make its way into bridal style is the bow. After all, we’ve seen bows used in all manner of imaginative ways on the red carpet and Instagram, so it’s not too surprising to see wedding dress designers capitalise on the bow’s possibilities, too.

Modern lace

There seems to be a general leaning towards relatively understated bridal styles for 2021, and the movement towards a decidedly contemporary approach to lace is absolutely part of this. By ‘modern lace’, we mean lace styles that are not simply vintage pastiches, focusing more on the fabric, shape or volume than extensive detailing.

Off-the-shoulder styles

Sure, there’s hardly anything new about the off-the-shoulder wedding dress, but in some ways, that’s the point – catwalk watchers have noticed a lot of shoulder-baring styles across the various 2021 collections. This signals a widespread re-appreciation of this subtly sexy aesthetic that is also well-deserved, as it’s a style that is both timeless and well-suited to constant reinvention.


Fitting in nicely with the aforementioned trends is the wedding jumpsuit, which is becoming an ever-greater favourite of brides who aren’t overly keen on the traditional white dress. It’s an aesthetic that’s playful, extremely ‘now’, and even practical, as it enables you to more easily strut your stuff on the dance floor – if that’s your thing at weddings, of course.

Here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we’re certainly proponents of brides feeling fabulously self-confident at their nuptials, and the right dress will go a long way to helping them to achieve that.

Two other big things you’ll need to figure out, though, are the right place to formalise your union, and the right wedding package for making it possible. If you love the idea of getting married in Gibraltar, we’re here to make it possible for you – just get in touch with our wedding planning professionals today via phone or email.