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5 of the visual backdrops that make getting married in Gibraltar unforgettable

While there are naturally many great reasons to tie the knot in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar, one of the best is unquestionably the sheer visual appeal of this part of the world. Indeed, this might help to explain why photography of the wedding ceremony is a key part of all of our event packages here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.

But what are just some of the backdrops that could especially inspire your wedding photographer or videographer if you do opt to finalise your union here? We’ve listed them below.

The Rock

It’s Gibraltar’s defining geological feature, so of course, we had to include it! A monolithic limestone promontory towering some 426 metres (1,398 feet) high, the Rock of Gibraltar sports a verdant coating, courtesy of the nature reserve that covers most of its upper area.

If you’re a Beatles fan, chances are that you’ll have also long recognised the striking image of the Rock from the famous images of a white-clad John Lennon and Yoko Ono on their wedding day here, on 16th March 1969.

The Registry Office

While we’re on the subject of John and Yoko, we might as well bring up the location within Gibraltar where they actually tied the knot! It’s no less than the Registry Office, which couldn’t make for a much starker contrast from the Rock, with its modest, but dignified fresh cream interior.

And guess what – you can follow in the footsteps of the stars to have got hitched here, a roll call that also includes the likes of Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Frederick Forsyth and Margaret Leighton, by taking advantage of our Registry Office Package.

The Botanical Gardens

Let’s switch things up again, shall we? For those who aspire to feel close to nature while getting married in Gibraltar, there can scarcely be a finer attraction in the territory than the Botanical Gardens, which are rich with tropical plants and flowers.

The gardens also have their own rich heritage, having been commissioned by the then-Governor of Gibraltar, General George Don, in 1816, as a pleasant recreational area for off-duty soldiers and locals seeking refuge from the intensity of the sun.

After a period of decline, the gardens were restored in 1990s, and have since had many a wedding photographer purring; so why not select it as the principal backdrop for your own nuptials, by enquiring about our Botanical Gardens Package?

Catalan Bay

Gibraltar may not be the very first destination that many of us think of when it comes to overseas beach holidays, but Catalan Bay Beach is deservedly a major draw in itself at this end of the Iberian Peninsula.

This small bay and fishing village on the eastern side of the Rock is just the place to come for satisfying fresh seafood. Indeed, so engrained is this aspect of the area’s heritage, that the majority of the families living here today are direct descendants of Genoese fishermen.

As for if you wish to make the beach a backdrop for your wedding when getting married in Gibraltar, there could scarcely be a better way to do it than by ordering our Caleta Hotel Package, which is centred on the territory’s only ‘beach hotel’.

Mons Calpe Suite

We’ve left the most visually spectacular until last, of course! The views really couldn’t be any more breathtaking from this prestigious restaurant and bar at the top of the Rock, which represents the last word in grandeur as far as Gibraltar weddings are concerned.

And yes, we’ve joined forces with them here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings to offer a Mons Calpe Suite Package that is every bit as special as you might imagine.

So, there you have it – just five of the backdrops that help to make getting married in Gibraltar an experience apart from tying the knot anywhere else on Earth. Contact Sweet Gibraltar Weddings’ skilled and experienced wedding planners by phone or email today, and we’ll be able to help to make your dream ceremony a reality for you and your beloved.