5 money-saving wedding tips as the cost-of-living crisis bites

5 money-saving wedding tips as the cost-of-living crisis bites

No matter how much you may be planning for the wedding of your dreams, the fact remains that you are having to plan your nuptials in the ‘real world’. That, in turn, means navigating the many costs of your wedding alongside a wider crisis in our day-to-day household expenditures. 

Plenty has been said in the news lately about what has been widely described as the “cost-of-living crisis” – so we’ll leave that subject there. 

But if you’re feeling the squeeze on your wedding budget as a result of it all, what are just some of the ways you can help cut your costs, while still enjoying the dream special day? 

Cut out wedding ‘traditions’ that you hate 

Whether it’s Gibraltar weddings or those held elsewhere, couples these days don’t have to follow every single tradition associated with them, especially when we’re talking about certain things that could add a lot to the cost of a wedding. 

You don’t necessarily need to buy wedding favours, for instance, for absolutely everyone, and a lot of people will even understand you not wishing to toss the bouquet these days, particularly if you’ve spent a decent amount of your hard-earned on it. You might opt to preserve and frame it instead! 

Aggressively prioritise – without pressure from social media 

Forget things like cascading floral arrangements or Champagne towers of the kind you might have seen on Instagram, if these aren’t exactly what you would call critical things to have on your wedding day. 

And rest assured that splashing cash on things that might get you a few more social media ‘likes’, but which would do little or nothing to enhance your wedding experience, is something that you can do without if you’re feeling the pinch on your budget right now. 

Budget for more than you expect to need 

It’s a ‘dull’ and old-fashioned tip, but there’s a lot to be said for being conservative with your budget. Deliberately allowing some ‘slack’ in your budget is likely to be something you’re very thankful for later, whether due to any sharp increase in your energy bills putting your wedding budget under further pressure, or even the chance it might give you to spend more on the honeymoon if you end up with an unexpected surplus. 

Slim down your guestlist… and then slim it down some more 

Here’s a ‘rule of thumb’ to follow that may seem cold, but which can help a lot if you need to slash your guestlist: would you happily take out that potential invitee and pay for their dinner on a normal day? If not, don’t invite them to the wedding. 

As we say, it might seem brutal, but this is your special day – you don’t have to invite everyone when you and your beloved are the ones doing the choosing. 

Stick to what you and your partner want, rather than what other people might expect 

There’s surely never been a time in living memory when those planning Gibraltar weddings have had greater freedom with regard to exactly how they plan their nuptials, and what they do and don’t include. So, don’t be afraid to have that conversation with your partner about what would really matter to you on your wedding day… and what doesn’t matter. 

Discuss with each other what elements of your wedding – as presently planned – may not feel right or necessary for you. If there’s any area of expenditure that’s making both of you feel, “why exactly are we doing that again?”, it’s almost certainly worth challenging. 

After all, your wedding really is meant to be a celebration of you two, and your loves and preferences – not some routine you go through for the sake of others’ expectations. 

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