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5 little ways to give your wedding a nautical theme

Have you fantasised about saying “I do” by the sea? If so, you can probably vividly imagine the sights and sounds already: the gentle lapping sound of the waves, the taste of sea salt in the air… and so on.

It can all be so much nearer to reality than you might realise, too, if you follow these tips.

Choose a venue that sets the scene from the outset

It will be easier for you to put together a maritime-themed wedding if you opt for a venue where many of the essentials will already be in place. That’s why we invite you to consider our Lounge package, where the Gibraltar sea scenery would be your – ahem – oyster.

Booking this package would enable you and your beloved to enjoy a succulent three-course meal and bottle of wine served near the British Overseas Territory’s Queensway Quay Marina.

Be careful to choose the right statement pieces

Some motifs naturally present themselves when you seek to assemble nautical decor; think bells and anchors. Other befitting ideas, however, might not be so predictable. For example, for the illumination of various spaces at your wedding venue, have you thought of opting for lighting that resembles sailors’ lanterns?

Swap scatter crystals for coastal alternatives

Distributing scatter crystals across tabletops is something of a wedding custom. However, when organising a nautical-themed wedding, you would be missing a trick if you failed to swap them for items of a more obviously coastal nature – such as pebbles, shells and corals mixed together.

Make the lighting suitably moody

We’ve already slightly touched upon this subject; however, you ought to consider not only what you would like the lights to look like at your wedding venue, but also the atmosphere you will want them to set.

After all, by draping festoon lighting around candles and wrapping it around beams, you can leave a glow evoking the dim lighting you might find on board an actual ship.

Opt for metallic finishes of rustic, industrial chic

These elements can bring to you and your other wedding attendees’ minds the weathered or tarnished-looking metal surfaces commonplace on the heritage ships that are still kept as dockside museums.

Whether or not you’re planning nautical-themed nuptials, getting married in Gibraltar could be a route that appeals to your head as much as it does to your heart.

To find out more about how our wedding planners could help to make it all possible for you, simply email us via, or call +(350) 54024179 or (+350) 54023965.