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5 less-than-conventional ideas for entertaining your Gibraltar wedding guests

What with Gibraltar not exactly being the most obvious place for many people to get married in the first place, it probably goes without saying that you’ll want to give your special day a few more twists in homage to such a quirky and unique location.

The entertainment that you pick for your wedding reception is an excellent opportunity to do exactly that. So, here are just a few ideas that those of you currently planning (or even just thinking about!) weddings in Gibraltar may wish to consider.

A photo booth

Forget how you might have always associated the word ‘photo booth’ with those dreary things you have your passport photos taken in – wedding photo booths are an entirely different thing, bringing a lot of fun and glamour to big days like yours.

Keep a lookout, in particular, for ‘Magic Mirror’ photo booths. These may resemble large framed mirrors, but they actually provide an even more memorable way for guests at your wedding to take snaps of themselves and have the resultant images printed out instantly.

A giant ‘connect four’ game

If your wedding in Gibraltar is set to have a somewhat outdoorsy vibe, and perhaps even more so if there will be kids present, a big ‘connect four’-style game like this one from Amazon could be just the thing for getting attendees of all ages enjoying themselves together in the sun.

A live musician or band

Depending on the exact ‘vibe’ you’re aiming for on your special day – which will naturally have a lot to do with your own tastes as a couple – you might like the idea of enlisting the services of a live band rather than the usual DJ.

But you could also go even further with this idea to make your Gibraltar wedding stand out. What about hiring a string quartet, for instance, if you desire an especially sophisticated atmosphere, or even an acoustic vocalist who could perform fresh takes on familiar favourite songs?

A date ideas jar

The suggestions for this one could potentially get a little ‘fruity’, although we’ll leave you to set the boundaries as to what would constitute ‘acceptable’ taste!

Otherwise, this one is much as it sounds like. You simply set up a jar or box along with slips of card or post-it notes that guests can write their ideas on for what you and your beloved could do on your first few dates as newlyweds. It’s a great way of reminding yourself, too, just how fun your married life together has the potential to be.

A surprise first dance

If the two of you have often been subject to jokes from friends and family about ‘having two left feet’, why not book dance lessons together in the run-up to your nuptials, so that you can shock your guests with an accomplished routine for your first dance?

This could also be a great way of bonding together in a positive way amid all of the mundane stresses associated with much of the rest of your wedding planning.

There you go – just five ways in which, with the entertainment that you put on, your Gibraltar wedding can be made even more memorable in all of the finest ways.

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