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5 ideas for spicing up your outdoor wedding

You might imagine that holding your wedding largely outside would give it plenty of ‘spice’ already. But of course, these days, that’s far from the only reason you would even organise your nuptials to be outdoors, as it could also be a useful measure for further ensuring social distancing among your attendees in the age of COVID-19.

Regardless, there’s no shortage of ways for those planning weddings in Gibraltar or elsewhere to inject even more fun into an outdoor celebration – such as the below.

Using natural materials as decor

After all, holding a wedding outside does often mean feeling closer to nature than you otherwise would, so you might as well big up the whole earthy aesthetic. Why not invest in wooden signage, for example? You could commission custom-engraved wooden boards – propped up on easels and draped with flowers – featuring happy messages marking the union of you and your beloved.

Swapping the wedding cake for a cheese tower

Not everyone is even a ‘cake’ kind of person, and if this describes you, an outdoor wedding may represent the ideal opportunity to serve a custom wedding cheese tower instead. We say this, because ‘cheese cakes’ can sometimes be a little on the pungent side at indoor weddings, depending on the strength of the varieties chosen and the room temperature.

Setting up an outdoor dartboard

Outdoor settings tend to lend themselves well to outdoor games – and the ideas here are endless, ranging from football tables to giant ‘connect four’ games. However, we especially like the idea of a dartboard, given that this will help to bring out your guests’ competitive side without requiring them to be positioned close to each other during these pandemic times.

Organising a sunset photo shoot

The combination of the varied and stunning backdrops that weddings in Gibraltar offer, and the romantic quality of the evening light surely makes a sunset photo shoot a ‘must do’ if you have the budget and room in your on-the-day schedule to arrange this with a trusted photographer. The resultant photos will inevitably drop plenty of jaws on Instagram.

Booking one of our outdoor wedding packages

You might have already noticed that several of the packages we offer lend themselves nicely to outdoorsy weddings in Gibraltar! Our Botanical Gardens and Mons Calpe Suite packages make the most of the stunning natural and manmade surroundings of the British Overseas Territory, with both of them including the services of a wedding photographer taking snaps of the ceremony.

What would your dream outdoor wedding in this beautiful part of the Iberian Peninsula look and feel like? Contact our professional wedding planners here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings today, and we can soon start working with you to put together a ceremony that you will reflect on with warmth and pride for many years – perhaps even decades – to come.