5 fun items to consider buying for your Gibraltar wedding in 2021

5 fun items to consider buying for your Gibraltar wedding in 2021

Sometimes in life, it really is the little things that make the biggest difference – the things that inject that bit of extra magic into your day or special occasion. And it’s the same situation when it comes to weddings in Gibraltar

For the most fundamental aspects of your wedding planning, you can count on our experienced organisers to help you through the process. But there are also some very fun things you could add to your wedding shopping list for 2021… such as the below suggestions. 

A reusable bridal facemask 

Given the events of this year, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that a massive market for bridal face coverings has emerged in recent months – and why shouldn’t that be the case? After all, for as long as we all still have to practise social distancing, we might as well make it beautiful and stylish. 


A ring box 

Traditionally, a boy aged about four to eight years old acts as the ring bearer at a wedding, walking up the aisle with the rings tied to a small pillow. But if you’re not a massive fan of the idea of a ring bearer, there’s always the option of buying a quirky ring box and having the best man do the job of presenting the rings. 


Disposable cameras for each guest or ‘bubble’ 

In the pre-COVID world, you might have simply bought one Polaroid camera and passed it from guest to guest. For a ‘coronavirus-secure’ alternative in 2021, why not purchase a disposable camera for each guest or ‘bubble’ at your nuptials? And of course, these classic cameras also look good, potentially making them especially suitable for a more vintage-styled wedding. 


Quirky wedding signs 

Depending on the venue you choose for your Gibraltar wedding, there may be an opportunity to add fun signs around the place, including direction signs and welcome signs. Whether you buy them online or even make them yourself, they’re a great – and not overly expensive – way to add even more fun and charm to your special day in the British Overseas Territory. 


Bridal lingerie 

You might purchase it for a lingerie-themed bridal shower or bachelorette party, or treat yourself and your special someone with the wedding night and honeymoon in mind; regardless, there’s nothing like some gorgeous lingerie for upping the romance and seduction. And with so many fine bridal lingerie outlets around these days, there really is something to flatter every body type.


Weddings in Gibraltar, of course, are utterly enchanting already – but your special day in this sun-drenched part of the world can be even more so with the right finishing touches! 


Get in touch with the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team today to learn more about all of the ways in which we can help you to put on your dream nuptials in 2021.