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5 fun alternatives to throwing the bouquet at your Gibraltar wedding

When planning your wedding, one of the biggest challenges you are likely to face is deciding which nuptial traditions to keep for your ceremony, and which ones you can do without. Bouquet throwing is one that has grown somewhat divisive in recent years.

Leaving a crowd of your single friends to clamour for the bouquet you throw may feel mean-spirited or even dangerous; you won’t want your guests to be a little too competitive about it!

That’s why you might consider replacing this traditional flourish with one of the following friendlier and more inclusive ideas instead.

Give the bouquet to the longest-married couple

Naturally, dancing is a customary activity at a wedding, but you might set aside special dancing time purely for the already-wed couples attending your ceremony.

As the dancing gets underway, someone could announce how many years each couple has been married – and the couple with the most years on this score could be awarded the bouquet.

Pass the bouquet rather than throw it

On the subject of a dance, that could be just the occasion for the ladies at your wedding to pass the bouquet around among themselves as the music plays. The idea is that when the music stops, whoever happens to be holding the bouquet at the time can keep it.

Throw a breakaway bouquet

If you can’t quite bring yourself to let go of the bouquet-throwing tradition, you could always make the bouquet a breakaway one. This is a bouquet made from multiple stemmed flowers that break away as the bouquet flies in the air.

Make sure there are as many flowers in the bouquet as your wedding has guests, meaning everyone gets to take a flower away without feeling left out.

Honour a guest

If you know a particular guest has recently done something extra special for you, such as helping you to plan the big event, why not thank them in front of the crowd? Then, you might give that lucky person the bouquet to further show your appreciation.

Let each guest take home a floral centrepiece arrangement

As the wedding comes to a close, you could announce that each guest can take away with them a decorative flower from one of the tables.

If you haven’t got as far as deciding exactly what will be on those tables, our team here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings can help you to plan getting married in Gibraltar – including any floral arrangements you may have in mind.

There you have it – no fewer than five ways to do something different with the traditional bouquet routine! Why not get in touch with the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team now to begin your own journey to a Gibraltar wedding that is unforgettable in all of the right ways?