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5 ‘extra’ services that a great Gibraltar wedding planner can give you

Getting married in Gibraltar is a relatively ‘low-maintenance’ endeavour compared to many other potential overseas wedding destinations. The British Overseas Territory doesn’t have the residency restrictions that Spain does, and nor should it be too difficult for you, your betrothed and your loved ones to get there. You can pretty much just hop on a plane and be there!

However, there are also many mundane and not-so-mundane things that excited couples can easily forget when planning their special day.

So, while you’re picking out your favourite of our Gibraltar wedding packages, don’t forget to also ask us about such additional services as the below that we can provide.

Booking accommodation for you and your guests

One of the relatively few requirements for getting married in Gibraltar as a non-resident is providing evidence to the registrar that you will be staying in the territory for at least one night immediately before or after the ceremony.

We can help you to satisfy that requirement, while also arranging somewhere for your wedding attendees to stay. Just ask us!

Collection upon arrival

Whether you touch down in Gibraltar or neighbouring Spain, we realise that on your special day, you’ll have enough to focus on without worrying about getting lost. So, we can arrange to collect you upon arrival at the airport to give you one less thing to fret about.

Arranging the wedding cake

Every little thing that you can receive help with when organising a wedding overseas, you are likely to appreciate. After all, unless a close friend or relative of yours has previously tied the knot in Gibraltar, and perhaps even then, you aren’t exactly likely to know the various local suppliers.

This certainly applies to a service as specialised as a wedding cake. Request this service, and we can help to ensure your wedding cake both looks and tastes the part!

Providing a wedding car and chauffeur service

As we recently wrote about on the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings blog, a wedding car is one of those touches of luxury that many of us automatically associate with a wedding. Indeed, for many brides, their arrival in a wedding car will be one of the highlights of their special day.

So, this is a service well worth asking us about. Remember that the wedding car will be a standout feature of your wedding photos and videos that you are sure to reflect on for years to come!

Make-up and hairstyling

How you can look beautiful at your Gibraltar wedding is something else we have been writing about lately, and for good reason! Nor is it just about looking good for your wedding photos and video footage, as a bit of beauty TLC will also help you to feel amazing on your special day.

Sure enough, we can arrange not only make-up and hairstyling for you, but also manicures, facials and eyelash extensions, to name just some of the specialities of the professionals we work with.

The more little bits of help you can receive through services like the above, the better-placed you can be to both look and feel really special on your big day in Gibraltar. So, why wait any longer to talk about some of these services with our team of Gibraltar wedding specialists today?