5 crucial things to do once your Gibraltar wedding is over

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5 crucial things to do once your Gibraltar wedding is over

If there’s one thing you might feel you’ve seen a little bit too much of since you first started planning your nuptials, it’s ‘to-do’ lists – especially if you’re a regular reader of blogs about organising weddings, such as this one! 

But here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we do think it is worth underlining the point that even after actually getting married in Gibraltar, there will still be important work to do for you and your sweetheart. 

So, what are some of those things you ought to be doing immediately after your wedding, other than – of course – revelling in that ‘just married’ glow? Below, we’ve set out a few key ones. 

Ensure nothing has been left behind at the venue 

It’s something a lot of us worry about happening when we stay at a hotel somewhere, but amid all the excitement of your wedding, you might forget to do one last check that you haven’t left anything behind at the venue. 

Remember, too, to thank everyone at the venue for the tireless work they will have no doubt done to help make your Gibraltar wedding really special. And we would also urge you to leave the venue a positive online review, which will really help them survive and grow as a business.  

Start preparing for the honeymoon 

This is an obvious one, although it will naturally manifest in different ways for different couples. 

At a time like the present, for example, when many people are under greater pressure with their budgets than they have ever been, you might have decided as a couple to only begin saving up for the honeymoon once everything to do with the wedding is over. In that case, now is the time to start researching possible destinations, too. 

Or, of course, you might have already made the decision at an early stage to stay in or near Gibraltar a little while longer after the wedding. And why not? You will be in a truly beautiful and enchanting part of the world, after all, in close proximity to Spain’s Costa del Sol. 

Write ‘thank you’ notes to everyone 

We’ve already mentioned the importance of expressing your gratitude to the venue after getting married in Gibraltar, and the same applies to your guests – even more so given the distance they will have travelled to celebrate the formalisation of your union with you in person. 

Yes, it’s a time-consuming task, but every person who attended your special day really does deserve a word of thanks from you. 

Do the required notifications if you have changed your name 

Not everyone who gets married these days goes as far as legally changing their name. But if you’re one of those who do, you should have a list ready of the various entities you will need to contact to alert them to your name change. 

In priority order, the likes of HM Revenue & Customs and the DVLA will rank first – but you might want to change the less urgently important things such as your email address and your name on your social media profiles, too. 

Set yourself a fresh new challenge! 

Wedding planning can take a lot out of you – we’re well-placed to know that here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings! But once it’s all over, you can be forgiven for feeling more than a little empty. 

So, now’s the time to set your sights on another big new challenge or ambition, to help ward off those ‘post-wedding blues’. Whether it’s a new project, a holiday, returning to an old favourite hobby, or something else, it really helps to keep your mind focused on new and exciting plans for the weeks, months, and perhaps even years ahead. 

As for if you’re only just getting started with your wedding planning, why not allow our experts to lighten your load? Contact the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team today, and we will guide, advise, and assist you in relation to all things getting married in Gibraltar, an utterly gorgeous, charming and picturesque place to tie the knot.