5 cool luxuries that a smaller wedding could free up money for

5 cool luxuries that a smaller wedding could free up money for

Many of us have become accustomed since the start of the COVID-19 crisis to the notion of holding smaller in-person events to help minimise the chances of the coronavirus spreading – and weddings have been very much a part of this. But even as the threat of the virus itself recedes, could there be merit to restricting the guestlist for your wedding in Gibraltar? 

We’ll leave you to make the ultimate decision for your nuptials. However, it’s true that those who have invited fewer guests to their Gibraltar weddings have often found this has enabled them to spend a bit more of their budget on certain other things. Here are a few examples of what we mean. 

A designer dress or suit 

One of the first compromises that many of those organising Gibraltar weddings with long guest lists have often had to make, is on their wedding attire. 

Many such brides and grooms may have been seduced by outfits from highly desirable and exclusive labels, only to be forced to opt for something cheaper. Go for a shorter guest list, though, and ‘that’ unforgettable gown or suit may suddenly come within financial reach. 

A bespoke menu 

Food and drink is one of the most notorious parts of the budget for many Gibraltar weddings. If you’re inviting dozens of people to your nuptials, you might have to be very disciplined about your expenditure in this area, so giving each and every guest their own choice of dish – essential dietary requirements aside – may be out of the question. 

Again, placing a stricter limit on your guest list might change this, giving you the flexibility to offer each guest a bespoke option, whether ordered on the day or pre-ordered in advance. But of course, you’ll need to speak to your chosen caterers or venue about the possibilities. 

A videographer

We’ve written previously about the potential advantages of hiring a videographer for your wedding – but it’s also true that a lot of couples worried about their existing costs skip this service, perhaps feeling that having a photographer present is enough. 

Well, a videographer could go from being a luxury to a ‘must-have’ if you do restrict your guest list! Indeed, having professional footage recorded of those special moments can be a great way of enabling those who miss out on being there ‘on the day’ to experience the magic for themselves. 

A dance class 

Speaking of moments of magic at a wedding, which moment could be more magical than the first dance? If, though, you’re feeling self-conscious about the prospect, you could always devote some of the money you saved on extra guests to a dance class or two for you and your beloved. 

You could even go as far as having a professional choreograph a Strictly-worthy routine, if this is the kind of thing you reckon would help make the aforementioned videographer an even better investment! It would certainly be one way of driving the social media ‘likes’… 

A longer stay 

This is a particularly attractive ‘luxury’ to consider if you’re planning a destination wedding. After all, if you’ll be jetting off to sunnier climes anyway, do you really want it to feel like a rushed ‘straight in, and then straight out’ thing? Almost certainly, you will appreciate any and every opportunity you can get to spend longer soaking up the sun, atmosphere and picturesque scenery of somewhere like Gibraltar or the nearby Costa del Sol in Spain. 

This sun-drenched part of the world gives you and your sweetheart a lot of options for extended stays, whether before or after your nuptials. So, don’t overlook the possibility if you’re set to have a more modest guest list. 

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