5 common ‘pet peeves’ for wedding guests – and how to avoid them at your nuptials

5 common ‘pet peeves’ for wedding guests – and how to avoid them at your nuptials

Are you planning a wedding in Gibraltar? If so, it might be so easy to get wrapped up in what you want from such a special occasion in your life, that you may not pay as much attention as you should to getting every aspect of the guest experience right. 

Naturally, the attendees of your nuptials might not say anything to your face about whatever is causing them disgruntlement. So, as experts in weddings in Gibraltar, we thought we’d help save you some hassle, by setting out just a few of the gripes wedding guests can frequently have. 

Too much waiting around over the course of the day

Getting the ‘pacing’ of your wedding day right is so important if you don’t want to risk your guests becoming restless and bored while waiting for key elements – such as the wedding breakfast – to start. This is where deciding on a specific wedding-day timeline, and discussing with your venue and suppliers how it will all be coordinated, can really help. 

Simply having times of the day when your guests will be waiting isn’t a terrible thing in and of itself – this can provide a great opportunity for attendees to chat and mingle. You will, however, need to have the food, drink and entertainment ready for them to help those waiting times go by quickly. 

Not enough food 

You won’t want to leave your attendees’ stomachs rumbling at any time during this special day, especially as there might not be an obvious way at your chosen venue for anyone to grab an extra snack while waiting for dinner. 

Again, this is something else that underlines the importance of maintaining communication with wedding service providers – in this case, your caterers. They should have the experience and knowhow required to be able to discuss suitable timings for the day, and the needs of your guests – not least dietary requirements for vegans or those with allergies.  

Overlong and cringe-inducing speeches 

Most of us have probably had the experience in the past of being at a wedding where none of the speakers seem to have bothered to edit down their speeches to be digestible. Tedium is one of the last sensations anyone should experience at a wedding, so you should be sure to be disciplined with this aspect of your special day. 

While the traditional order of speeches at a wedding is the father of the bride followed by the groom and the best man, we’re naturally in a ‘no rules’ environment these days. If there’s one rule we would advise you to have, though, it’s that speakers should aim to keep their speeches to about five to seven minutes long. 

Being forced to sit with strangers 

It’s hardly a bad thing to meet new people, but a lot of wedding attendees aren’t great fans of being forced to do so as a result of being seated at opposite ends of the table to their partner or plus one. 

So, you should be careful to ensure your wedding seating plans have been designed for a positive guest experience, with couples kept near each other, and seated next to a combination of people they do and don’t know. If there will be teenagers in attendance, we would urge you to seat them at the same tables as their parents, unless there will be a dedicated kids or teens table. 

The ceremony dragging on for too long 

Although long wedding ceremonies are expected in some cultures, as a general rule, you can expect your guests to start becoming restless if your own ceremony runs for more than about 30 minutes to 45 minutes. You probably need to be particularly vigilant about this if there will be children present. 

The exact nature of your ceremony and its location will naturally impact on its length – registry office weddings being an obvious example of when the process is quicker. Your officiant should be able to advise on the timings of your ceremony, so that you can minimise the likelihood of guests being agitated and glancing down at their watches. 

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