5 common mistakes that couples make with the timing of their wedding planning

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5 common mistakes that couples make with the timing of their wedding planning

Proposing to your partner will be only the beginning of the journey of organising and preparing for your big day together. No matter whether you hold a large or small wedding, the timing will be key to getting everything ready for your nuptials.

With that in mind, here are five mistakes that couples frequently make when planning their weddings in Gibraltar or elsewhere, so that you can (hopefully!) avoid them. 

  • Focusing on the details too early

It can be easy to start looking around for cute signs or other accessories that you want for your wedding. However, this can cause problems when you try to match them to the venue. 

It is far easier to choose the big things such as the venue first, then you can take aspects from the building to use for your accessories and fine details. 

You can often find amazing inspiration at a venue that you may not have thought about before. 

  • Not thinking about the logistics

Although you might want all your friends and family to attend your wedding, this might not be logistically possible, depending on where you intend to get married. 

The great news is that if you are in the UK, for example, and have decided that you wish to join the many other couples who hold weddings in Gibraltar, the British Overseas Territory is a mere two hour, 50-minute flight away. 

Regardless of which location you do choose for your wedding, it is crucial to bear in mind how easy it will be for all your intended guests to reach. 

  • Booking accommodation too late

This one certainly relates strongly to weddings in Gibraltar. You are advised to get an idea of your wedding guest numbers as early as possible, so that you can then make sure the local accommodation for everyone is booked well in advance. 

You may find this aspect of the wedding planning trickier if you plan to get married in peak season, so choosing a quieter time may help you. 

  • Timing the vendor booking wrong

You will also need to be mindful of the importance of getting your timing right with the booking of key suppliers. If you book the vendors too early, before even selecting a venue, then you risk asking the vendors to travel too far or take on more than they expected. 

Leaving it too late can also have its problems. Some suppliers may become fully booked and might therefore be unable to help you. The challenge is likely to be especially great when booking for the peak wedding season, so if you want a particular vendor, timing is everything. 

  • Trying to make last-minute changes

Sometimes, this can be unavoidable, but wherever possible, you should try not to make changes at the last minute. 

Not only will this be tough on your vendors, but it could also cause guests to drop out or other aspects of the wedding to not be ready on time. 


If you avoid the common mistakes and take your time with the planning, you can have a wonderful wedding day. But it also greatly helps to have the right professionals by your side! Contact our own experts in the planning of weddings in Gibraltar today, and we will help to give you that all-important peace of mind.