5 aspects of your wedding planning that you’re probably getting too worked up about

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5 aspects of your wedding planning that you’re probably getting too worked up about

Yes, we know what you might be thinking: the professional wedding planners of Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, telling you that some aspects of planning a wedding just aren’t that big a deal? 

Maybe we should explain a little further. While you will naturally want your wedding to be the unspeakably romantic occasion you’ve always dreamed of, it’s best not to get too hung up on absolutely every detail being immaculate. After all, it’s actually some of the more unexpected details that can especially help ‘make’ one’s nuptials really special on the day. 

So, what are just five things that those organising Gibraltar weddings might be allowing themselves to get too overwhelmed about? Here are our suggestions. 

Achieving the ‘perfect’ wedding-car arrival 

Sure, you might have taken a lot of time and care to select the wedding car, and done it up with streamers. But what if you realise at the last minute that the size of your dress means you can’t even fit in the back seat? Or perhaps there could be a mechanical issue with the vehicle that threatens your ability to even make the wedding on time? 

Yes, when it comes to some wedding destinations, the above could be major worries. But with the entire British Overseas Territory only measuring 2.6 square miles in any case, it’s much less of an issue for those holding Gibraltar weddings. After all, as long as you’re in Gibraltar, you’ll be near your wedding venue in any case. 

Your underwear 

You might consider your wedding a sufficiently special occasion to invest in a whole new set of lingerie, but you don’t have to go that far. It is, though, well worth considering the practicalities of what you wear under your dress. The right nipple covers or a strapless bra could go a long way to saving your blushes if your dress is one that could present a risk of ‘wardrobe malfunctions’! 

A detailed dress code 

Should your wedding dress code be black tie or white tie, formal or informal? Regardless, this is something else that couples can get a little too easily obsessed over. Yes, it’s a good idea to give your guests a broad idea of the ‘vibe’ of your special day, but beyond that, you can probably count on them to dress appropriately. And even if one or two of them don’t, you probably won’t be thinking about that much on the day. 

Your skin being ‘immaculate’ 

Sure, you’re likely to be paying a lot of attention to your skincare regime as your big day approaches… but guess what? Sometimes, flare-ups can happen anyway, at the worst possible moments. We can provide make-up services as part of our ‘extra’ services for Gibraltar weddings here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings – and even if any skin issues aren’t entirely disguised by your make-up ‘on the day’, those probably won’t be at the forefront of your memories when you look back at your wedding photos over the years to come. 

Your wedding living up to a preconceived ‘fairytale’ 

A lot of the worries we’ve touched on above essentially come back to one thing: the notion that your wedding day has to match up perfectly to whatever you may have dreamed of for years (presuming your dream wedding isn’t one where anything and everything goes wrong). You might find yourself constantly thinking about how your wedding will compare to your friend’s or sister’s wedding, or you may have simply put yourself under pressure to make it the ‘best day ever’. 

It’s important to be mindful of the fact that no wedding day can ever be entirely ‘perfect’, and that even unanticipated events that may seem bad to begin with are ones you are likely to be laughing about when you reflect on everything in the years ahead. 

Still, just because you can cope with some things going wrong with your Gibraltar wedding, doesn’t mean you should allow things to go wrong if you can entirely avoid it! Get in touch with our own experts in Gibraltar weddings today, and we’ll discuss with you how we can help you plan nuptials that you will remember for all of the fondest reasons.