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5 aspects of your Gibraltar wedding that your bridesmaids can help you with

As we have previously covered here on the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings blog, you don’t necessarily need to have bridesmaids for your overseas nuptials at all. However, if you do decide to have them, there are many different aspects of your special day that they could help you with.


Any given bridesmaid’s duties can vary from the next person’s – but below, we have set out some classic examples of how your own bridesmaids could help you ahead of, during, and after your wedding. 


Celebrating the engagement 


Even before formal planning of your nuptials has begun, your bridesmaids can start helping you from the moment your engagement becomes ‘official’. Such assistance could include helping to plan your engagement party, and arranging some celebratory drinks with you and your beloved, the maid of honour, and other bridesmaids. 


It is also at this stage that you should be talking to each of your bridesmaids about exactly what kind of role you would like them to have in the wedding planning process – bearing in mind that some might have a more ‘hands-on’ involvement than others. 


Establishing the finances 


Not all of a bridesmaid’s duties will necessarily be very ‘glamorous’, as we feel a need to point out – after all, we are all about helping you with those ‘knotty’ elements of the planning of Gibraltar weddings that can sometimes be overlooked. 


And when it comes to knotty, but vital aspects of wedding planning, very few things rank higher than the financial side. You and your bridesmaids who are involved in this part of the planning will need to establish together exactly who will be paying for what, to help avoid any nasty surprises. 


Getting ready with you on the wedding day itself 


Fast-forward to the actual day, and if you aren’t already sharing accommodation with your bridesmaids, they can come over to the hotel where you and your sweetheart are staying, and help you get ready for the most important day of your lives. 


While it is likely to be your maid of honour who will tend directly to you, rather than necessarily your bridesmaids, your bridesmaids should still play a crucial role in keeping your stress levels manageable, by helping any younger bridesmaids and flower girls. 


Walking down the aisle 


It is traditional for the bridesmaids to walk down the aisle at a wedding ceremony; there aren’t, however, really any hard-and-fast rules these days about the order in which everyone walks down the aisle. 


The traditional English way involves the bride and her father walking down the aisle first, followed by the bridesmaids. However, what has long been known as the ‘American way’ involves the bridesmaids and everyone else in the wedding party going first, and the bride last. But of course, the final decisions on these matters will be yours. 


Helping with the cleaning-up 


Once the ceremony and the celebrations are over, your bridesmaids can further make your life easier by helping to take down decorations at the venue, and collecting anything that you and your sweetheart will need, such as the floral arrangements, centrepieces, and leftovers of the wedding cake. 


Again, it’s a dull and unglamorous aspect of being a bridesmaid, but if your bridesmaids team up and put on a wedding playlist for while they’re working, they’re sure to get the tidying-up done quickly. 


There you go – just five of the many duties that you could entrust your bridesmaids with when you are planning and enjoying your nuptials in Gibraltar. To learn more about how Sweet Gibraltar Weddings’ skills and experience in relation to all aspects of Gibraltar weddings can help make yours a success, please don’t hesitate to contact us today