4 wedding cake tips for destination weddings

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4 wedding cake tips for destination weddings

The task of choosing the right wedding cake can be a complicated affair – from the flavours to the design, it is something your guests will remember forever. And with destination weddings such as Gibraltar weddings, there is an extra layer of logistical and environmental complication. 

So, to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible, here are four tips for selecting a wedding cake for destination weddings. 

  • Find a local supplier 

It is fair to say that having to figure out the logistics of taking a wedding cake with you on a plane to your chosen destinations is… not something you will want to have to do. Thus, it is important to do your research into local wedding cake suppliers that can deliver the spectacle straight to the venue. 

We’ve previously written on the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings blog about the process of choosing wedding cake suppliers. Our wedding planners can also assist you in finding the right supplier and organising the logistics, so that you don’t have to worry about anything but the flavour and design of your wedding cake. 

  • Theme the design on your surroundings 

When getting married by the sea, calm blues and sandy tones could be incorporated into your cake design, for example. You can also pick up on flavours from your destination. For Gibraltar weddings, those flavours might include chocolate and custard, topped with small doughnuts, reminiscent of a japonesa

  • Consider the climate 

If you are getting married in a warmer part of the world, as is the case with Gibraltar weddings, it’s an absolute must to contemplate how your cake might fare in the heat. No one wants the shock of a melted or collapsed cake on their wedding day. 

However, you might also consider something unusual to help your guests deal with the warmer climate. An ice-cream cake, for example, could be a showstopper – provided, of course, that you keep it in the freezer until the last moment. 

  • Think outside the box 

Consider the dietary requirements of your guests – and instead of thinking about this as an obstacle, take it as an opportunity! After all, Gibraltar weddings don’t have to be completely traditional, so it’s OK to come up with your own solutions to problems or quandaries. 

What about, for instance, cupcakes, doughnuts, brownies, and other delicious treats instead of a whole cake? Not only does this give you more scope for variety, but the leftovers could also double up as wedding favours for your guests to take with them. 

The first step towards organising your wedding cake for your Gibraltar nuptials could be getting in touch with Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, given how capable we are at planning the full range of aspects of Gibraltar weddings. So, why wait any longer?