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4 ways to make your wedding in Gibraltar memorable

It’s no secret that weddings are special events that celebrate love and family, but if your wedding in Gibraltar doesn’t stand out, you and your guests will have a hard time remembering it for years to come. Here are four things you can do to make your Gibraltar wedding more memorable.

1. Pick an all-round venue

The key to planning a successful wedding is picking a venue that provides an all-around experience. You don’t want your guests travelling from one destination to another for photographs, meals and the reception.

Fortunately, in Gibraltar, there are plenty of locations that allow you to hold your ceremony, reception and photography session in one place. For instance, the Lounge Restaurant is a perfect venue for celebrating the start of your married life.

2. Keep your ceremony brief

Although your guests are there to see you and your partner get married, they don’t want a drawn-out ceremony. It can quickly get boring, and you might end up losing their attention. Try to keep the actual proceeding at least 20 minutes long.

3. Go crazy with the food and drinks

It’s probably your first time visiting Gibraltar, so you should take advantage of this by tapping into the local cuisine. Your guests are more likely to remember your wedding if you serve delicious local cuisine instead of traditional wedding dishes, so serve signature drinks and foods such as rosto and calentita at your reception.

4. Design a lounge area

Dancing and mingling are vital aspects of any wedding reception, however, no one can dance throughout the night, and some of your guests may not want to dance at all. While a reception table is a great place to chill and chat, you can take it to the next level by adding a designated seating area.

Here, provide comfy chairs, lower the music and add outdoor lighting, allowing your guests to unwind after your long wedding day. You can also turn it into a photo booth by adding wall art with pictures of you and your partner.

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, and you can always add a touch of something unique and different to make yours memorable. Contact us today for help planning your Gibraltar wedding.