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4 unusual things to include on your wedding invitations

No matter how many people you are planning to invite to your wedding in Gibraltar, you must try and send your invitations as soon as possible so your guests will be able to plan and prepare for your special day. While, naturally, you’ll include information on your invitation such as the time, date and location of your wedding, there may be other things you want to include on your wedding invites. Below we list some unusual things you may want to include on the invitations to your Gibraltar wedding

1. Dietary requirements

While you may not have decided upon a wedding menu or catering company just yet, the sooner you ask your guests about any dietary requirements they have, the easier your choice will be. Leaving space on your RSVP card for guests to place any allergies they may have etc, ensures you can cater for all your guests.

2. Song requests

Many brides and grooms are worried no one will dance at their wedding reception, and they will fail to create a party atmosphere. By asking guests to submit song requests before your big day, you can ask your DJ to include all of your guest’s favourite songs which will surely pull them on to the dance floor.

3. Local recommendations

If some of the guests attending your wedding have never been to Gibraltar before, you may wish to include an additional card with your invitation that recommends local restaurants, landmarks and bars they may wish to visit during their stay.

4. Social media pages

If you’d like to keep your invitations minimalist and brief, you can also include links to a website or social media page that will offer more information about your wedding on your invite. For example, you could create a Facebook event page which will allow guests to discuss their flights to Gibraltar and accommodation options together.

If you would like help planning your wedding in Gibraltar, contact Sweet Gibraltar Weddings today. We will help you plan every detail of your special day from invitations to table settings, to ensure your wedding in Gibraltar is as amazing as possible!