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4 reasons our Mons Calpe Suite wedding package is the one for you

Your wedding day should be a day to remember, it should be special. What could be more special than getting married in Gibraltar, the small British territory located off the southern tip of sunny Spain? There are many reasons to get married in Gibraltar, and with our Mons Calpe Suite wedding package, you’re sure to make the most of it. Here are 4 reasons why this wedding package is the one for you.

#1 The view

The Mons Calpe Suite is perched at the very top of the famous Rock of Gibraltar, offering spectacular views of the entire island. The venue can be reached by a dazzling six-minute cable car ride and boasts circular glass walls offering panoramic views of the island and the Bay of Gibraltar. We challenge you to find a more spectacular and romantic setting for your wedding.

#2 The size

You want to make sure all your family and friends can attend your special day, right? Well, the Mons Calpe Suite can comfortably host up to 60 guests, meaning no-one will need to stay at home. This means you can plan the biggest celebration possible, and make sure everyone you want to attend can fit on the guest list.

#3 The weather

There’s something extra special about getting married away from home. Especially when that somewhere is a delightful Mediterranean island where there’s a good chance your special day will be blessed with blue skies and sunshine. From May to October, it barely rains at all in Gibraltar, meaning you can enjoy your day without having to worry about your hair! Blue skies on the Mons Calpe terrace also provide the perfect backdrop for wedding photos, ensuring you have beautiful mementoes of your day.

#4 The inclusions

Our Mons Calpe Suite package comes with many important inclusions, to help your day run smoothly. We’ll help you with all of your legal paperwork and the logistics of organising the day, and you don’t need to worry about any extra fees – you’ll only pay the package price quoted to you. There’s also a bridal bouquet and a wedding photographer included as part of the package.

A wedding in Gibraltar is sure to be a perfect wedding. Please click this next link to find out more about this package Mons Calpe Suite package