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4 fun things to consider for your autumn destination wedding

Autumn weddings have really picked up in popularity in recent years, and here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we can hardly say we’re surprised. After all, the conditions in the British Overseas Territory at such a time of year lend themselves beautifully to unforgettable nuptials, with September and October bringing pleasant, but hospitable daily mean temperatures of about 20 degrees C.

Then, there are all of the fun ways couples can make their autumn weddings in Gibraltar even more distinctive and memorable. Here are just a few of our suggestions…

Embrace rich, earthy colours

It’s a season characterised by tones that don’t quite seem to show up at any other time of year – think of all of those rustic reds, burnt oranges and deep greens that evoke the wonders of nature in transition.

So, why not incorporate them into everything from your venue decor and bridesmaids’ dresses to the wedding flowers, not least to really boost your wedding’s ‘Instagrammability’?

Draw upon the potential of pumpkins

One of the main things autumn is known for pretty much anywhere around the world is, of course, Halloween. However, you don’t necessarily need to be holding a ‘spooky’-themed wedding to make pumpkins a key part of the imagery of your Gibraltar wedding.

What about lining the aisle or decorating the entrance to the venue with them, for example, or hollowing out the centres to turn them into vases for beautiful autumn flower arrangements?

Organise an outdoor photoshoot

A key reason why so many people request autumn weddings in Gibraltar, is that this time of year strikes just the right balance of everything. This very much extends to the visual appeal of the ceremony and accompanying celebrations, and when you choose a wedding package from Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we can throw in the services of a photographer to capture you and your beloved in the great outdoors.

Just think of the charmingly rustic natural backdrop that your wedding photos could have, characterised by intriguingly changing colours and textures.

Dress for the occasion

Anyone getting married during the autumn, of course, has to be at least mindful of the practical constraints that the outdoor conditions might bring.

This makes it potentially wise to seek out a longer-sleeved style of wedding dress for a ceremony at this time of year – or what about a shrug for later in the day? Also think about donning some weather-appropriate wedding shoes such as boots, flats or sneakers.

Such enjoyable, but also practical tips as the above should hopefully go a long way to showing you that autumn weddings in Gibraltar are no less magical, and indeed, may actually be even more enchanting, than their spring, summer and winter counterparts.

Enquire to our capable and seasoned wedding planners at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings today, and we’ll get to work on demonstrating to you just how exquisite your own autumn nuptials could be, and at a price more affordable than you might have ever expected.