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3 ways to look truly beautiful at your overseas summer wedding

You’ll probably never be more photographed than you are on your wedding day, and overseas wedding locations like Gibraltar can be a recipe for utterly stunning photography. That is no less the case at the height of summer.

But there is, of course, a potential problem with the aforementioned things, in that heat and make-up don’t tend to mix well. So, how can you be sure of getting your beauty regime just right in the run-up to a big day that could also be a very sweltering one?

Stay hydrated!

As magical as make-up is, simply keeping yourself well-watered not only on your wedding day, but also in the weeks leading up to it can have an amazing effect on your look.

Drink three litres of water daily for at least two weeks prior to your special day, and your skin is likely to be left positively glowing, doing much of the job that you might have otherwise depended on make-up to do.

Embrace a natural look

There are, of course, many approaches to make-up that can work really well for a summer wedding. However, many brides are particular fans of looking ‘ultra-natural’ on their big day in the sun.

By ‘natural’, we don’t necessarily mean going without make-up. Instead, it’s about applying those lighter touches where you might feel the need, such as adding a bit of definition to your brows, lips and eyes to make your features stand out on your wedding photos.

It’s also a good idea to have some lip gloss in your touch-up kit, to help to keep your pout perfect right through the day.

Make good use of lip liner

It can be tricky to keep lipstick in place even when the temperatures aren’t elevated. Thankfully, lip liner can be a godsend for effectively locking your lipstick in place.

Use the pencil to not only draw around your lip line, but also colour your lips in. This will create a matte base, to which lipstick of the same shade can be applied on top. For extra-sharp lips, also go round your lips with a concealer to ward off ‘feathering’.

Don’t forget that in addition to the above tips, we can help you to look and feel your best at your Gibraltar wedding by providing a comprehensive make-up and hairstyling service. Indeed, you can also benefit from a manicure, facial or eyelash extensions, to name just some of the specialities of the beauty professionals that we work with.

When you’re comparing overseas wedding locations for 2020, 2021 or beyond, don’t overlook the charm and cosmopolitanism of Gibraltar! Simply browse our highly rated wedding packages today to see what’s possible, before getting in touch with our professional and friendly team to start organising the summer destination nuptials of a lifetime.